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With the forever increasing popularity of JavaScript, the tools, libraries, and properties threaded to it now are also gaining success among global users. ReactJS is one from the many available open source JavaScript libraries but one of the most popular one. Used to build single page application user interfaces, ReactJS is also applied for handling view layer for both mobile and web applications. The simple yet fast and scalable properties of ReactJS make it an on-demand tech skill among many development jobs.

Not a Regular Interview...Know That.

Knowing the answers to basic interview questions should not be the basis here on which the interviewer decides to hire you or not. As like any other technical interview requires, understanding the core of the niche and day to day implementation with tasks are the primary aspects that recruiters look among candidates. Your past knowledge, experience, and development opportunities will be counted vital here. Learning early about organization services and projects will help you perform better in your next ReactJS technical interview.

Whether you are a seasoned ReactJS developer or a less experienced one; practicing rigorously with new and changing ReactJS interview questions and being able to play expressive, persuasive, fluent and intelligent opinions could easily mark you as the best candidate to fill the place in any organization. Although interviewers mostly stick to the technical question-answer portion, ReactJS programming relevant examples and a follow-up discussion is another crucial format to practice for parallel to the other preparations.

In case you are new to ReactJS, here we are describing the definition, benefits, and top ReactJS interview questions for your ease.

Definition of ReactJS

Invented by Jordan Walke, it’s an open source JavaScript library, used for creating user interfaces of single page applications. Developers can create reusable UI components and handle view layer mobile and web apps with it. ReactJS is also can be used with the combination of other JavaScript libraries and framework.

Prime Features of ReactJS

  • ReactJS uses JSX (simple JavaScript) for templating, which allows easy HTML quoting and use of those to render subcomponents.
  • ReactJS is based on components which can be reused whenever and wherever you need them. As it also supports reusability of codes, making and maintaining applications will be easier in this environment.
  • It offers virtual DOM functionality, which consists of any new view changes to its memory. Then, an algorithm determines the changes made in virtual DOM and successfully identifies the changes required for the real DOM. This ensures a flawless update with minimum time while offering clean user experience and higher performance.
  • ReactJS is highly popular in term of design and developer tools. The available React Developer Tools is an advanced browser extension that allows users to rectify React component hierarchies present inside the virtual DOM.

Best ReactJS Interview Questions to Practice


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