Updated on 06 Apr 2020 | 4 Min Read

The unfortunate widespread outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has adversely affected business functions. But, organizations are tackling this in a very proactive manner and as a job applicant, you should too. This outbreak has changed the way we conduct our professional tasks on a daily level. Working professionals around the globe are now shifting to a fully-remote workstation for the time being. Recruiters are also adapting to this change and now are conducting phone or video interviews for the selection and onboarding of new employees. While the essence and the questions of the interview will be the same, there are some changes which you need to adapt in a digital interview. If you are on a job hunt, it is highly advised to follow these best practices for successfully completing your interview like a pro. If you are a software engineer or are looking for a job as a developer, you must check out these programming interview questions now. So, let’s take a look at some of the best practices to follow for a successful remote job interview.

5 Tips for a successful video interview

  • 1. Always test your Internet Connection before the interview
  • 2. Organize and prepare your work/interview space
  • 3. Dress Appropriately
  • 4. Do some rehearsals
  • 5. Be calm and patient

1. Always test your Internet Connection before the interview

Video interviews require one thing, a good internet connection. Always test your internet speed before joining that Zoom or Skype call. Also, it is a good idea to download these team management or video meeting tools. Check out some well-known video call applications such as Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts which are available free of cost during this period to help job interview candidates such as yourself! One more thing, remember to give your mobile number to the interviewer via email so that in case anything goes wrong during the video call, he/she has your number to contact you.

Note: Technical errors or hangups can happen on their side also. Your behavior and overall composure during that time could also be a vital factor for selection.

2. Organize and prepare your work/interview space

So, since all of us are working from home nowadays, it is wise to choose a quiet and well-lit place in your house and convert it into your work station. Nothing out of the ordinary, a table, your laptop/PC, stationery and the basic stuff. Since video calls give a peek into the surroundings, you need to organize it as well. How you manage your workspace reflects a lot on your image and your background image is the first thing the interviewer would see; besides your face obviously. A clean, organized space with a neutral background works best for job interviewers and a few post-it notes with reasons for hiring you could be a better idea to stick around.

3. Dress Appropriately

So, I guess this goes without saying, but if you’re applying for a remote job from home, it does not mean you will be dressed in pajamas and hoodies. Virtual interviews are not any less serious than normal interviews and your dress should reflect the same. Moreover, dressing appropriately will not only give you a boost of confidence, but it will create a good impression in the mind of the interviewer. Avoid wearing any bright or jazzy clothes or maybe large jewelry that could distract the person on the other end of the screen. Also, one major mistake that many job interviewees make; please wear matching clothes on top AND bottom. In case you need to get up from your seat, it would not look good if you matched your summer coat with a pair of pajamas.

4. Do some rehearsals

Many people are not very confident or at ease of mind in a video. So, try to practice your basic lines of the interview through mock-up video calls. Read more about the company and maybe add a line or two about its portfolio, maybe achievements so that the recruiter feels you have done your research. Try to get a bit of fact or two about the company during the questionnaire so that your answers do not sound like a rehearsed or robotic response to their questions. You could check some of the best interview questions as per the job you are looking for.

5. Be calm and patient

Make your interview genuine, answer all the questions in a calm and composed tone while sending a “thank you” email after the interview call has finished. Be patient if they’re taking some time to decide. You need to remember that this is just as new for them as it is to you. The hiring process consists of a unanimous decision from multiple people and thus it could take some more time in a remote setup. Be calm and send them a thank you email saying you would be waiting for the interview results and so on.