Medical Assistant Interview Questions

Last updated on Feb 06, 2023
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Medical Assistant Interview Questions

For your job search, the interview is the most important part. If you successfully answer the medical assistant interview questions that were asked to you, you will see yourself with your dream tag soon. Or you will be one step closer to your dream. It will become very difficult for you if you don’t know how you can showcase yourself and your skills. But don’t get angry or disheartened, you have all the power to decide the destiny of your answers.

Most Frequently Asked Medical Assistant Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Medical Assistant Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. How do you protect patients’ rights and protect confidentiality requirements?

To ensure patient’s rights are protected we should make sure the patient information is hidden from the general public by a password-protected database, avoid discussing details of patients in public, and full-time monitoring of storage areas where confidential files are kept. The records should only be accessible to staff members only and not be overheard by someone else while discussing the details. Weekly training and mock drills will also help.

Q2. How would you describe your primary duty as a medical assistant?

As medical assistants, our duties are not limited to a particular job. The most important ones are listed in the answer.

Sir, in my opinion, our primary duties include front desk job, to do what our supervisor and doctors tell us to do, to hand over detailed patient's history, summary, and communication details in folder format to the concerned doctor, record keeper, performing preliminary physical tests and PEP, to check the temperature, weight, and blood pressure of patients, etc.

Q3. How do you handle upset patients who present you with a complaint?

Sir, the first thing to do is to calm them down so I will empathize with the patient and will try to connect with them without losing my temper. Listen to their problems carefully and identify the problem and find a solution for it. If the problem is out of my coverage area, I will seek help from my supervisor and explain to him the situation and will do as I am told.

Q4. How much experience do you have as a medical assistant?

If you have experience with previous hospitals, tell them about the period you served. More the experience you have, the better and precise your answers will be.

Sir, I have 4 years of experience in this job role. I know how to function in a front desk job, working as a doctor's assistant, record keeping, performing preliminary physical tests, measuring temperatures, weight, and blood pressure of patients, maintaining and handing over proper patient records and history summary in folder format to the concerned doctor.

Q5. Are you experienced in front office administrative responsibilities? Are you comfortable on the phone?

After becoming a medical assistant, you will likely be doing a front desk job most of the time at the beginning of your career.

Sir, I am well aware of the work profile of the front job administration role. During my training (/previous hospital) I gained a lot of experience there. Whether it's record-keeping, front desk phone handling, cash/cashless payments, health insurance application, etc I will be able to do it all.

Q6. Are you experienced in taking patient vital signs and medical histories?

Knowing vital signs are the basics in any type of medical career. All parameters, important veins, and locations of the body should be known by heart and the person in this profession should be able to read the medical history of the patient efficiently. He/she should be able to tell the concerned doctor about past diseases, trauma, vaccinations, medicines, surgeries, accidents, etc.

Q7. Have you been trained in phlebotomy? Are you comfortable drawing blood?

There are situations where there is a shortage of staff or a patient needs immediate attention. In those cases, knowing the basics of phlebotomy can be a lifesaver. An additional degree in phlebotomy is an advantage. Another obvious reason to ask this question is to make sure that you don't have any phobia in dealing with blood.

Q8. What do you like most about the medical assistant position?

I like helping people and that's the sole reason why I am applying for this job. It makes me feel good when I contribute to mitigating someone's pain and suffering and getting paid for what you love to do made me choose this career path.

Q9. As a medical assistant, how will you ensure that you are following HIPAA guidelines?

Note: Read all the HIPAA guidelines thoroughly.

Sir, I follow all the HIPAA guidelines sincerely. I am aware of the fact that how important it is to safely handle patient information so I do not share information unless I am told by my supervisor. I avoid looking at the records of other patients. I make sure that a proper chart of patients is made and is properly kept in folders and drawers.

Q10. Tell me about your computer skills.

Having computer knowledge is a must for medical assistants because most of the time of their job is spent at the front desk. Maintaining records, insurance, payments are all done through computers. If you have a computer certification or degree of some kind will help to tackle this question. If not, tell them that you have a computer at home and you are proficient in it.

Things to keep in my mind post-interview:

  • You have to show your interest in the position, for this, you can ask the interviewer to share their business card or contact details.
  • Post your interview, once you reach the home back; send the Thank You note, this is the small step that helps you in being an outstanding candidate among others.

The most important key to clear the interview is PRACTICE. So, practice hard for your interview and go through every above-listed medical assistant interview question. You can take help from your friend and ask him/her to take your interview with this list. This will not only prepare your answers but also helps you in building confidence.

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