Nursing Interview Questions and Answers

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While giving a nursing interview, you will get the chance to showcase your skills, abilities, and knowledge to the interviewer. By which the interviewer will judge you how you are gonna deal with in the sense of caring and interacting with patients in a fast-moving environment. That’s why it is better to prepare your answers that will demonstrate your expertise, training, and previous experience.

Keep this in mind that being a nurse is not only the job it is a huge responsibility. It takes a person who has extraordinary qualities. And it has been rightly said that nurses are not made, they are born. Going with this positive attitude in the interview you can answer all the nursing interview questions very efficiently.

In this article, we will be covering the familiar nursing interview questions and answers that you may encounter while giving your interview. So that you can fully showcase your expertise for this job.

Most Frequently Asked Nursing Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Nursing Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

1. How would you deal with a rude doctor?

Well, I don't get offended easily. If the doctor is rude for a reason, I will avoid those mistakes from happening again. But if the rudeness turns into bullying, I will talk to the management about it.

Bullying is strictly prohibited in the healthcare industry.

Note: This is the question where you have to be truthful, but you can answer it easily. Almost all the interviewers will get what you are trying to say since it is one of the new grad nursing interview questions and answers.

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2. How do you handle personal gifts from a family member?

Well, it depends on the type of gift. If a gift is handmade, cheap, a daily necessity item, flowers, chocolates, or whatever is given with love, and that do not look like a bribe to another person is acceptable.

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3. How Would You Handle a Disease Outbreak?
  • By ensuring patients are getting appropriate care
  • Proper medications should be provided
  • Food facilities should be cleaned and disinfected.
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4. How would you deal with a person who is not satisfied with your patient care?

First of all, I will try my best that these situations will never come where my patients are not satisfied. If, in a rare scenario where I have to deal with this, I will try to understand what did I miss and what can be improved there. I believe that's how we learn.

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5. What would you do if your patient is continuously complaining about the pain?

I will carefully and calmly listen to every word of that patient sympathetically. Provide them the comfort with positive thoughts. Confer with the attending doctor about the patient's problems and then reassure them that their concern is heard, and we are doing everything possible to reduce your pain.

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6. What are the HIPAA regulations in regards to phone calls from family members asking for patient information?

According to the HIPAA Privacy Rule at 45 CFR 164.510(b), a doctor may talk about the crippled patient's condition with their relative via phone. Under the privacy guidelines, health care providers are allowed to share a patient's health information for treatment purposes, where they do not require any kind of approval from the patient.

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7. For what reasons would you like to work for this hospital/organization?

I want to work with the eminent hospital where I will get the chance to enlarge my knowledge by getting training and by working in the company of experts.

Also, I am looking for a hospital where I can get the position for a long time. And, as much as I know about this hospital, it is famous for its strong and collaborative teams where one can get a stable job along with career satisfaction.

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8. What are the duties and responsibilities of a nurse?
  • The essential responsibility of a nurse is to support and care for patients of all traditional origins and religious backgrounds.
  • Keeping the record of the medical history of the patient and the symptoms.
  • Should know how to operate medical equipment.
  • Participation with a team in the planning for patient care
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9. Why are you leaving your current nursing position?

Don't tell the negative things about your previous hospital or organization, saying this will make your impression self-centered or unappreciative. Instead, you can say you are looking to enhance your skills, and you just want to change your work location (region, state anything).

Note: This is the question where you have to be truthful, but you can answer it diplomatically. Almost all the interviewers will get what you are trying to say since it is one of the common nursing interview questions.

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10. What do you prefer to work alone or as a component of a nursing team?

This is one of the most tricky questions in any profile not specific to the nursing domain. Why people found this tricky is because there isn't one "Right" answer to say. It all depends on the choice or requirements of the employer.

You can again answer it by being truthful, depending on your personality, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. Since you have no idea what your employer is looking for.

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11. Why do you want to work in the healthcare industry?
  • It gives a great feeling of pride.
  • The demand for this industry is rising continuously.
  • In this domain, you can always find new and exciting things to learn.
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12. As per your opinion, what is the difficult part of working as a Nurse?

There are multiple things which can be considered here:

  • Being underrated
  • Troublesome patients
  • Stress
  • Spontaneous pressure
  • Unprotected to disease
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13. How do you deal with difficult patients?

For this, one should learn to recognize the initial gestures of the patient when he or she is becoming angry or rude. If this can be recognized in the early stages, then some strategies can be applied to control the situation.

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14. How would you handle a disagreement with a doctor?
  • Share your points by staying polite.
  • Honestly share your concerns and questions about the surgery or the diagnosis.
  • You can ask the doctor to give the reasoning on it and can simply ask to provide more information.
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15. Where do you see yourself in healthcare in five years?

You must study a bit about career growth in that profile before facing the interview. Employers are searching for an individual who can treat this job as their dream job and are ready to give their maximum potential.

Sample Answer you may relate:

It is my glowing ambition to become the best nurse that I can ever be, and I am anticipated to work with an organization where I will get the opportunities to learn new skills, and I want to work with professional or senior doctors from whom I can learn and enhance my skills. As you already know, this organization is one of the best organizations in the healthcare sector. That's one of the key reasons I am giving the interview here.

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16. How do you respond when family members ask for your personal diagnosis?

While the treatment is going on, the patient has already given his/her approval or denial about sharing information with family members. Keeping that in mind, we are allowed to share or discuss patient's health information and the treatment which we are going to give them with their family, friends, or others. I will go with the same approach.

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Last-minute tip: It is always beneficial to use your responses to showcase your ability and expertise in maintaining the higher quality of care for your patients. You can also prepare some questions for your interviewer in your nursing interview.

Now that you have gone through all the new grad nursing interview questions and answers, it is good to be confident now, but please keep this in mind, there will be many other questions as well. In this article, we have just covered all the common questions.

Good luck with your interview!
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