Executive Assistant Interview Questions

Last updated on Jan 04, 2021
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Executive Assistant Interview Questions

If you have been hunting for the executive assistant job, great news you have landed at the right place. Get yourself prepared by brushing up on the most commonly asked executive assistant interview questions.

In the process of getting the job, a face-to-face interview is something that makes candidates a bit nervous about what kind of questions might be asked. Don’t worry, our experts have prepared the list of personal assistant interview questions that are going to help you in your interview.

Most Frequently Asked Executive Assistant Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Executive Assistant Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. How would you describe your primary duty as an executive assistant?
  • Preparation of all the financial statements, invoices, memos, and other important documents.
  • Answering and managing phone calls.
  • Making all the business travels arrangements for executives.
  • Recording MOMs (Minute of meetings).
Q2. How do you anticipate the needs of an executive?

To develop the skills to anticipate your executive’s needs requires a lot of experience and time. Here are a few ways that would help you-

  • Create good chemistry
  • Use your initiative and be proactive
  • Understand each other’s expectations
  • Think like your executive
  • Seek a mentor
  • Thrive not survive
Q3. If you were given confidential information by the executive you support and another executive asked questions about it, what would you do?

I will make them understand that I don't have the authority to share confidential information with anyone. If you wanted to discuss it further, I can schedule a meeting for you with my executive

Q4. What part of your job as an executive assistant do you like best?

Knowledge of everything whether little or detailed.

Q5. If an angry person called and demanded to speak with the executive you support, who is currently unavailable, how would you handle it?

Executive assistants play the role of gatekeepers for their executives.

Here your answer can be:

My first focus would be to remain professional and calm during the conversation. Then I will try to resolve the conflict and provide an acceptable solution. I will assure the caller that I will pass his message to my executive.

Q6. What software programs have you used in the past?

It is recommended you go through in detail the software programs that you have used in the past. Answer this question in three ways:

  • Explain the software program in detail, if you observe that the interviewer is not familiar with it.
  • Then explain for what purpose you are using this software and what kind of goals will be achieved.
  • Try to find something from the job description that can be leveraged from these software programs
Q7. Do you have previous experience supporting more than one executive at a time?

This depends on your personal experience, if you have supported more than one executive at a time; do share it. If not, then say. I haven’t done that but excited to have this opportunity in the future.

Q8. Can you describe your previous reporting experience?

This question is based on your experience and depends on person to person. If you have any experience, explain it in very clear words otherwise let them know you don’t have one.

Q9. What strength do you have that helps you excel as an executive assistant? Why?

Before answering this question go through all workplace strengths and find which suits you the most. Communication skills must be that one strength every executive assistant should have.

  • They should be able to anticipate their needs.
  • Should reflect their executive’s value.
  • Should be resourceful and adaptable to work in any environment.
  • Should side by side check for special projects and keep running offices also.
  • Build a good company culture.
Q10. What do you believe an executive assistant brings to a company?

The interviewer's goal is to check if a candidate knows if they are an important part of a company. You can add the following points-

  • Passion and Motivation
  • Knowledge of adjusting them into a larger team
  • Passion for excelling in their job.

Hopefully, we have made key Executive Assistant Interview Questions which proves to be a critical step in unlocking your professional goals towards this job.

Go through as many questions as you can. Last but not least - Take care of what you wear and how you stand in front of the interviewer.

All the best :)

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