Engineering Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Jan 04, 2023
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Engineering Manager Interview Questions

To be an engineering manager for any organization involves the major responsibility of managing people, processes, and projects related to some of the products and maintenance services. That is the reason engineering manager interview questions are one of the toughest interviews in the technical world. This position comes up with great responsibilities and that is why all companies want to ensure they are hiring the right candidate. In the engineering manager interview, it is equally important to demonstrate your skills in people management along with your technical skills or the language you are dedicated to.

Interview Questions For Engineering Manager

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Engineering Manager Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. What are the responsibilities of an engineering manager?

The responsibilities of an engineering manager are

  • Managing the talents in the team, which includes the hiring and firing of resources as well as their promotion plans.
  • Managing budgets
  • Enhance team members to perform better
  • Project management
  • Connecting with multiple departments or teams in the company whenever needed.
Q2. How do you deal with engineers with performance issues?

Here the manager should work on creating the performance improvement plans with the agenda of getting or bringing that engineer back to the speed needed for this project. A manager needs to work closely with that engineer and track consistently how things are going as per the plan. The manager needs to provide all kinds of support that engineers needed at that time.

If the manager thinks or found no improvement in that engineer, he should look out for other positions in the company. If nothing is available in the company according to that engineer’s skills, he should be counseled out from the company.

Q3. What were you responsible for in your previous role?

In this question, you have to tell about the projects you were responsible for earlier (in the previous organization) with the duration. What do you achieve there, something more that benefits the company or business with clients?

Basically, you have to sell yourself here. Sounds weird, but that’s the reality and say all the good things that you did in your previous company. If you are a city manager and looking for a change then these Civil manager interview questions will help in cracking your interviews easily.

Q4. How would you prioritize the work?
This is totally going to depend upon the business values towards each work that I have to do. I usually go with the approach where I divide all my tasks into chunks and assign them the priority as per their business value or project need. Then, I start working from the P1s and ensure to complete all of them in the respective timeframe.
Q5. You’re leading a team of three developers. How would you divide these tasks among them?

Being the team lead, it is my duty to ensure that I am dividing equal work among all my team members. To do this, I will create a list or tracker (a lot of project management tools are there now) that shows all the tasks that need to be done with some SLA, I will distribute these tasks among the three developers according to their abilities or key areas.

Q6. How do you usually ensure a project runs on schedule?

To ensure this, I would love to have the stand-up calls with the team on the daily basis. Following the agile methodology here, we will use the stand-up calls to assign or track the work, with this approach we can easily ensure that our project is running on or before the schedule. If at any point, I found that we might get delayed we can easily raise the alarm to client or business stakeholders and look out for the solution of getting delayed.

Q7. In what ways have you upgraded the skills of your team?

Tell the interviewer about your roles and actions that you had taken in your previous organization that helps your team members to upgrade themselves. Like, supporting them to take the training that the company is offering. Schedule sessions with the team members to share their knowledge with each other. Allow them to take the training and learnings from outside the organization and provide them all kinds of support needed, if possible.

Q8. When working with product or project managers, have you disagreed with task prioritization? How did you resolve this?

This is a common situation for every engineering manager. We usually encounter such scenarios where we do not agree with the prioritization of tasks. In such cases, I raise my question and ask them to put some light on that particular task. After knowing their reason for giving that priority to the task, I got okay when their reasons looks genuine to me. If not, I stick to my words until I got satisfying answers from all the key stakeholders.

Q9. In what ways do you support your team as they work on projects?

I try to support my team in providing and guiding all the ways that I can. I ensure that have all access to all the required tools. I also ensure that they are not over-allocated, if they are I work with them to prioritize their work and assign some to others, according to their bandwidth. I would also ensure to provide them KTs and training for the skills that they need to learn to work on this project. I would schedule the one-on-one calls with each of the team members to know about their growth planning and discuss their work-life balance and provide them the assurance of the things that I can do.


Conclusion of Engineering Manager Interview Questions

We hope the above interview questions for the engineering manager are going to help you in acing your upcoming interview. Apart from practicing these questions, you have to behave like a responsible person during the interview because the role you are applying for comes with great responsibilities and they are expected to select a responsible and mature person.

The last-minute tip: Kindly wear formalities during the interview, even if the company has a casual culture. Don’t go with the mindset that they don’t think about your dress. For some roles, they actually don’t, but for the manager, it really matters.

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