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04 Jan 2023, 18 Questions

In today’s era Content writing is one of the professions which is exponentially growing day by day across the globe. Digital marketing is the new sensation, but without good content, it is difficult to take advantage of digital marketing. To get knowledge about anything the first thing we do is google it and get the information immediately. All your questions related to Content Writer will be answered in the content writer interview questions mentioned below.

Most of the information which is there on the search engine has been written by the content writers. There is no end to writing. Everything which needs publicity, business, branding, good reviews needs content writers. content writer interview questions are asked frequently from the topics discussed below.

Most Frequently Asked Content Writer Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Content Writer Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. What are the different types of content writing?
The different types of content writing are:-
  • Website content
  • Copywriting
  • Technical content
  • Blogging
  • Digital marketing content
  • Branding content
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Q2. What skills does a content writer need?
Some skills that will lead a content writer to new heights are:-
  • Know your reader:- It is essential to know about your target audience. Writing content without knowing the target audience is not worthy. Before writing content, it is essential that the writer must do the study on the target audience.
  • The writer must know what you want to communicate:- It becomes effortless for the writer to write when he/she knows what exactly has to be informed. As a result, the writer delivers good content.
  • Always focus on unique content:- Always write unique content. Copying the material from any other websites can put the writer in the wrong situation. The writer can be penalized for this action. Be creative and original.
  • Skills of Summarising the words:- Another essential capability of the content writer is summing up the big idea into a small content by using the correct words in the different sections and paragraphs.
  • Always be patient during research:- proper research leads to unique content. A good content writer must have patience while doing research on a topic as it takes time but once the investigation is done the writer to ready to go.
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Q3. Mention the different tools used by a technical writer?
Some of the tools which Technical writer uses are:-
  • MediaWiki
  • Whatfix
  • Adobe RoboHelp
  • Notepad++
  • WordPress

NOTE: This question interviewer definitely ask in content writer interview questions.

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Q4. What is keyword research?

A keyword is basically a context of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). Keywords are used to define the content which is on the web page. For example:- best interview questions, content writing questions, content writer interview questions are a keyword. When we want to search anything on google, then we put keywords on the google search to get the similar content.

Keyword research is a search of those keywords which people enter into the search engine to get good ranking in the search engines.

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Q5. How to write a good blog article?
Here are some of the tips which I have used to write a good blog article:-
  • Have a catchy title and an impressive opening paragraph:- Title and the opening paragraph sets the tone of the entire blog. Title and opening para must be in such a way that the reader is excited to read the whole blog right away and also share it.
  • Write a bog for a particular audience:- Before writing a blog the writer must finalize the target audience and then only start writing the blog
  • Optimize your blog for search:- The blog post must follow the SEO rules such as keyword density, use of targeted keywords in the sentences and many more.
  • End with an Action:- End the blog by writing something which will put the reader in action.
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Q6. What is the difference between blog and article?
Answer Blog Article
1. Blogs are based on our opinion Articles are not based on our opinion
2. Keywords play an important role Keywords do not play an important role
3. The length of the blog is short The length of the article is long
4. The Writing style is Casual The Writing style is sophisticated
5. No need of an editor Editor is required
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Q7. What do you mean by content writing?

Content writing is a creative process which is used in Internet marketing wherein a content writer is assigned to write down unique and relevant articles or blogs in various niches for the websites. The purpose of content writing is to drive a lot of readers to the site since each site has a distinct target audience and they require very much relevant content to attract traffic towards their business.

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Q8. Mention the difference between copywriting and content writing?
Answer Copywriting Content Writing
1. By nature, Copywriting is promotional By nature, Content Writing is not promotional
2. More Decisive Less Decisive as compared to Copywriting
3. It includes short content such as headlines, advertisements It contains long content such as blog posts, Newspaper article, etc.
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Q9. What to do before starting to content writing?
Before starting a content writing some practices has to be done are:-
  • Start a habit of researching: The secret to writing good content is research. Researching makes the new ideas flowing in mind and always write the key pointers.
  • Looking into what kind of writing style you have: You can get trained by going through the writing style of the different writer but do not try to copy some other writing style.
  • Daily content writing practice: This will train the upcoming writer in how to get stick to a topic rather than strolling into a different matter.
  • USP of the Content: 99.9% the topics which the writers get to write already posted by someone else also some days or some hours back so what’s important is the view of the writer.
  • Social Media: In today's world, social media platform like Instagram and Facebook is the place where you get to know what happens in the world.
  • Catchy Headline: Start having a practice of creating catchy headlines and choosing some unique photograph.
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Q10. How to improve your writing skills and grammar?
  • Learn the basics of Punctuation and Grammar
  • Daily reading is a must to enhance the writing and grammar skills
  • Attend free webinars on content writing and grammar
  • Write daily and get it proofread by a senior writer
  • After writing the article reading the article is good practice to get a catch on grammar and writing skills
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Q11. What are some proofreading techniques?
Some of the proofreading technique that worked for me are:-
  • It is a better practice to take a print out and do the proofreading rather than on a laptop and then read out loud so that ears can hear what the writer is speaking.
  • Punctuation mistakes are the most common mistakes. Checking the punctuation is essential
  • One practice which I do is read backward once.
  • Cross-checking the number in the article
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Q12. How to make your content SEO friendly?
  • Optimize the headline of the topic focus on the content structure
  • Use relevant keywords in the article
  • The readability analysis of the content must be functional like the placement of transition words, length of the sentence, number of times passive voice is used and many more
  • Include the external and internal links in the article
  • There has to be no error in error in the content
  • Content must be plagiarism free
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Q13. How to know if your content has performed doing well or not?
I take the following actions to check the performance of my content:-
  • I check Google Analytics after some days to examine the number of page views
  • I search on the google search engine with the keywords which I have added for optimization and analyze if it ranks on page 1 or not
  • I check on Facebook that how many have shared my article
  • I check the twitter counter to check the number of tweets cite this post.
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Q14. How can we determine the tone of content writing?

The tone of the writing is very much similar to the tone of the voice. What matters in the tone of the voice is how you say what you say. In the same way, what matters in the tone of writing is not what you are writing but how you are writing. For example-The kind of adverbs, adjectives, the structure of the sentence, syntax, choice of words and many more.

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Q15. How do you integrate SEO into your content?
There are five ways to integrate SEO into the content:-
  • Recognize the target Keywords:- Choosing the right keyword is very important because the keywords also determine the ranking.
  • Appropriate length of the article:- Too much long material also impact the SEO ranking. For a blog post, 500 words are sufficient
  • Share the content:- When the content is shared on other websites and social media platforms which is Facebook and Instagram then its SEO ranking is improved
  • Focus on the niche now:- It is essential to get to know the niche which interests you.
  • Concentrate on Theme:- Inserting the keyword in the article for SEO is now an old concept. Now the top priority is the content quality and the consistent theme.
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Q16. How do you manage deadlines or priorities in content writing?
I do the following things to manage my deadlines:-
  • Get the entire week content work from the manager
  • Then I put the timelines of each of the projects in my calendar.
  • Then I plan backward which is deadline date, editing and refining the content, first draft, and research
  • Calculate the time for each milestone and start researching an article having the nearest deadline.
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Q17. How do you get interested in something writing boring content?

This is the most important question which every content writer should ask herself or himself before being a content writer because it is not necessary that the writer gets the content of his or her choice. What really matters is how can I create interest in the reader, and that is what we do. .

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Q18. What are content development tools you familiar with?
Some of the content development which I am familiar with are:-
  • Portent’s Content Idea Generator:-This tool helps the content writer to create catchy headlines which give new limelight to the content.
  • Google Trends:- it provides the writer with an idea about the latest trends of the topic. The writer can also filter his or her searches for a specific industry.
  • Copyscape:- Writers use Copyscape to check plagiarism.
  • Canva:- Canva is used by the writer to create the images related to the topic and also for creating infographics.
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Some of the different forms of writing are
  • Blogging
  • Technical Content
  • E-books
  • Product Reviews
  • Company Website
  • Social media promotion
  • E-brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Emailers
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