Amazon Behavioral Interview Questions

Last updated on Jan 04, 2023
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Amazon Behavioral Interview Questions

Although amazon's behavioral questions won’t be too difficult when compared to their technical questions, to overlook them would be a big mistake for you. Amazon asks behavioral questions to judge candidates on their past job experiences. These questions normally focus on the skills like teamwork, problem-solving, calmness, leadership, communication, etc., and start with “Tell me about a time.”, or “What would you do…”. In my opinion, these questions could be difficult for the candidates who don’t have any job experience but using a hypothetical situation they can also overcome this part.

Most Frequently Asked Amazon Behavioral Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Amazon Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. How would you resolve the issues of challenging customers?

Amazon valued its customers most and is strictly committed to customer service. These questions can allow you to show your skill in dealing with customers. If you did not have any experience like this, you can simply explain where you had to deal with difficult people.

  • When you are talking or listening to them, keep your communication professional, friendly and respectful.
  • Stay calm and don’t take it personally. Always remember that customer is upset because of the product or services provided to them, not because of you.
  • Be an active listener as it helps you to understand their concerns better and how to make the situation better.
Q2. How would you decide without having complete data and information?

This amazon behavioral interview question tells the interviewer about a candidate’s problem-solving, quick decision-making, and situation analyzing skills. Don’t be inclined on the negative side instead turn this question into an opportunity to impress them and use the STAR method to answer this question-.

  • S(Situation): I was assigned to create the weekly schedule of 30 staff members.
  • T(Task): Being new to the responsibility of scheduling, I didn’t have information about the busiest times of the week.
  • An (Action): I used my logic and critical thinking skills to guess our high customer traffic during the week and fill in the data that I did not have.
  • R(Result): The results worked quite well for me, and I completely understood the customer traffic flow by that sheet.
Q3. How would you deal with negative feedback?

While positive feedback can be motivating and encouraging, receiving negative feedback could be difficult. We all make mistakes and there is always room to improve yourself but accepting this fact needs courage and could be a challenge. The interviewer wants to find out your weakness through this question. Opting for the below tips could help to answer you-

  • Negative Feedback is not a personal attack: Always remember that negative feedbacks are about your actions or behavior not about your personality.
  • Take your Time: It is very normal to have an emotional comeback when someone gets negative feedback. If you know that your quick reaction could be anger or defensiveness, stay calm and take a deep breath.
  • Constructive or Destructive: Always determine whether the feedback you received is constructive or destructive.
Q4. What steps you will opt for if you saw a coworker stealing?

You can show the interviewer that you have high ethical standards and don’t tolerate any unethical behavior or stealing.

“This is a great company and there must be some rules and policies for this unethical behavior. All I know is that we should not tolerate stealing, regardless of the value of that item. If today that person is stealing an item worth $1, tomorrow he/she could steal an item worth $100. I will find the right way and the right person to whom this incident should get reported.”

Q5. What would you do if a coworker is struggling with his task?

The struggle is a part of life, and anyone can face it. Providing support and getting along with coworkers at the workplace is very important to building relationships and maintaining a healthy work environment.

  • Communication: Installing a team app like hangouts, and team on every work computer to ensure easy interaction among all employees and share about their daily status.
  • Be Empathetic: If I see a coworker struggling, I will stop by and offer help to them. Listening to them can show empathy and make them less stressed.
  • Moral Support: Sometimes just bringing a cup of coffee to their desk could lower their struggle.
Q6. Did you ever lead a project?

This is the most asked behavioral interview question on amazon and is the right opportunity to show your leadership skills to the interviewer. You can discuss the project as well as people management skills to show your leadership potential.

“Last year my team had faced a difficult time in which sales were falling day by day. My manager had given the task to all team members to come up with a solution. I thought about our training period and was thinking some members are not provided with sales training. I gave this idea to him to organize a training session for them, and he asked me to set the targets and ensure training was given to all team members. The idea worked and sales increased by 50% next month.”

Q7. Did you ever ask for help at work?

The interviewer asks this question to know that you can request help if needed and at the same time you not depend on others to complete your work. He is looking that if a candidate can work independently while also seeking advice and guidance at appropriate times.

“I was assigned to implement a new feature in our software that required a system call to an API which was new to me. I worked hard to understand the concept of API results, some of the questions I had solved myself and for some, I needed the help of the principal engineer of our team. I sent him a mail regarding those questions and asked if it is better to meet or if mail would be comfortable for him. He said it would be quicker to meet in person and was very helpful in answering those questions as well as giving some additional suggestions.”

Q8. What would you do if you failed to meet a deadline?

The enquirer asked this amazon behavioral interview question to understand how and why you have failed. While answering don’t blame others entirely on others instead take responsibility for the failure.

“In my current project, I am working under a direct and a dotted line manager. There is some interruption in my project due to a critical firefighting request by my dotted line manager. Although my other manager approved me to work on this task, work got delayed. In the end, I was able to solve that firefighting issue, but the timeline exceeds by one week. I talked with both my managers to take a buffer time for any future projects.”

Q9. How would you ensure positive relationships with your team?

Building positive and strong work relationships is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a positive work environment in anybody’s job.

  • By communicating with all the team members.
  • You should be consistent and trustworthy.
  • Know your company guidelines and strictly follows them.
  • Avoid unnecessary gossiping with your team.
  • Always remain positive while interacting.
  • Support your team members if they are struggling.

When preparing for this interview, take time to think about the situations you have faced and how you can link them to show that you are the correct fit for the role. We hope this amazon behavioral interview questions and answers pdf will also help you in achieving your goal. Being prepared for these questions will make you more confident and help you in dealing with your interviewer.

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