Symfony interview questions and Answers

Last updated on Feb 06, 2023
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Symfony interview questions

Symfony is one of the most widely used PHP frameworks with a set of reusable components and options. Symfony aims to expedite the creation and maintenance of web applications and replace repetitive coding tasks. Though Symfony is known for its low-performance overhead, it gives developers control over the overall configuration. Though most of the Symfony Interview Questions vary from organization to organization, we would still like to put together these related questions and answers that you can expect during the interview.

Development History: Symfony was published as free software in October 2005, and released under the MIT license.

Key points about Symfony:
  • Sponsored by SensioLabs.
  • Inspired by the Spring Framework.
  • Symfony ranks 3rd in popularity after Laravel and CodeIgniter.
  • It is aimed at building robust, enterprise-level applications.
  • Makes use of existing PHP open source projects.
  • They are bundled with additional components to help developers test and debug projects.

Most Frequently Asked Symfony interview questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Symfony interview questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q11. What are the innovations used in Symfony2 compared to Symfony1?

Few crucial innovations that implemented with Symfony2 are as following:

  • Use of the Dependency Injection Pattern
  • Complete Bundle setup
  • Packed as Distributions
  • Ease of debugging an application
  • Improved security additions
Q12. Explain Serializer in Symfony.

Serializer is a component present is Symfony that offers developers an option to convert a PHP object into a specific format such as JSON, Binary, XML, etc.

Q13. Explain the case of user access denies in Symfony.

When an unauthorized individual tries to access the web application, Symfony shows a 403 HTTP status and throws an error page denying the user access request.

Q14. Is it possible to create a Symfony application using composer? Then, how?

Yes, it’s possible to create a Symfony application using composer. The developer needs to run the following command in the console to install Symfony using composer:


composer create-project symphony/framework-standard-edition my_project_name

Q15. Explain the session set and get methods in Symfony2.

Symfony2 uses a SessionInterface object set and get method to get and set sessions.

Following syntax can be referred as an example:


public function sessionAction(SessionInterface $session)


// store an attribute for reuse during a later user request

$session->set('user_id', 5);

// get the attribute set by another controller in another request

 $user_id = $session->get('user_id');


Q16. Mention the form helper functions in Symfony.

Symfony has following form helper functions for developers:

  • Checkbox
  • Form_start
  • Form_end
  • Textarea
  • Input_password_tag
Q17. Is it possible to create a request object in Symfony, then how?

Yes, it’s possible to create a request object in Symfony by developers. Use the

createFromGlobals() methods to simply create the request object.

Latest Recommended Version: The standard version of Symfony is maintained for eight months, and long-term support (LTS) versions are supported for three years. A new LTS release is published biennially. The current release is version 4.2.1.

These below listed Symfony Interview Questions are designed for developers who are preparing for an interview on Symfony Framework.

Advantages of Symfony

  • Flexible, Reliable, Easy to test
  • Extensive online community support, Long-term support
  • Good documentation
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