School Counselor Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Jan 04, 2023
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School Counselor Interview Questions

School guidance counselors help students at all levels, elementary school to college level. They act as advocates for the well-being of students and also as valuable resources for their educational growth. Below is a list of school counselor interview questions to help you understand this job in a better way.

Being a school counselor, your first and foremost priority is listening to your students’ concerns. Having a different home and social life, each student is different from the other. This is why listening is an essential factor. You must go through the school counselor interview questions to be the person who fulfills their emotional needs at any given time.

Your job includes helping students with various issues such as bullying, disabilities, self-esteem, academic performance, and relationship troubles. Being the first point of contact, you need to be seasoned in handling these issues. Read our school counselor interview questions to help in evaluating students’ abilities, hobbies, and personalities and guide them into developing realistic academic and career goals.

Most Frequently Asked School Counselor Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked School Counselor Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. What are some of the types of direct student services?

Here are some of the types of direct student services:

  • Group and Individual counseling
  • Responsive Services
  • Grief and Guidance Counseling
Q2. Why do you want to choose a guidance counselor as a career?

My choice for becoming a guidance counselor kind of stumbled upon me. I used to be a computer teacher and sometimes during lunch, or after school kids would come to me to discuss how their day went or what were they struggling with. I believe these kids needed someone to talk to, someone who they could trust and I think I’m perfectly able to do this job.

Q3. How would you handle a situation where a student reports being abused by a parent?

First of all, I would get myself updated with the school’s protocol to handling parental abuse as it differs from school to school. Then, I would consult with my supervisor to make sure I’m following the proper protocol and also fulfill my legal duties as a guidance counselor.

I would either stay with the child the entire time or make sure the proper authorities are notified of this abuse situation and even call the police. Then, I would try to calm the kid by letting him/her play with toys, draw, or anything else to relax them.

Note: Being a guidance counselor, it is your duty to help resolve conflicts between teachers and other students. Read the school counselor interview questions and answers to understand the root cause of conflicts and how to solve them peacefully.

Q4. How do you intervene with at-risk students?

Dealing with at-risk students can be tricky sometimes. Firstly, I start talking to the student(s) and try to work with them for setting personal goals. I usually suggest them to be interactive and get involved with sports teams or enroll in other extra-curricular activities.

Then, I try to find a motivating factor for them. It could be something that they enjoy, a hobby or passion, something that gives them a sense of belonging. I try involving them in group lunch activities and set a routine for them along with other students to make them feel loved and nurtured.

Q5. What in your opinion is the best take towards disciplining students?

Students are young and they need structure, but it is vital to be patient and flexible with them all along the way. I always start by explaining the consequences of any action they commit. Professionally, I never had the chance to discipline students. The vice-principal or principal of the school dealt with the disciplining, though I would make sure that it did not involve anything physical. I would always meet with the students and talk about what happened to them and how we could move forward. This meant discussing actions, thought processes, and setting goals or pathways to make a better decision for the future and keep them from facing trouble again.

Note: At-risk students have the tendency to start using drugs and alcohol at an early age. Your duty as a guidance counselor is to facilitate alcohol and drug prevention programs. Read our school counselor interview questions and answers to understand more.

Q6. What aspect in your job or life experience makes you more qualified for this position than your peers?

Well, I believe that my relevant experiences have led me to be a pleasant and wonderful counselor. Last year, I was working at a high school as a computer teacher, but also had the fantastic and rare opportunity to work at the middle school and elementary school because the schools are very close to each other. With kids in elementary school, I started lunch groups where kids could be with each other and respect each other. In middle school, I worked on an anger management group with kids in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.

In high school, I helped a group of juniors and seniors by guiding them with FAFSA and helping them prepare for the SAT examination. I have counseled students from all the different economic statuses which include a wide range of students having various academic achievements and different social states as well.

Q7. What if a student shares with you their suicide plans? What would be your next step as a guidance counselor?

First of all, I would make sure this situation is dealt with extreme care and seriousness. I would sit down with the child and try to understand what he/she is feeling. I would then call a parent or a guardian and notify them of this immediately. I would alert all the required school authorities and make sure they identify the child and help him/her with anything possible to get through a difficult time.

Q8. In a case where one of your students told you she was pregnant, what would you do?

In this situation, there are various issues to consider before dealing with them. Firstly,it is essential to know what the state laws are around this topic (age of consent, pregnancy decision-making, and such) in addition to my school board policies regarding this issue and the community norms.

I’ll start by asking her how she has confirmed her pregnancy. Then I would go on to other issues like whether the sex was consensual and the age difference between both of them. But most important is the legal understanding of parental rights and student rights to complete privacy and confidentiality before proceeding with this matter.

As students grow, so do their struggles and issues. It is imperative that you focus on students having poor academic performance, shy or introverted kids, and help them deal with their problems. Our counseling grad school interview questions will help you gain insights into this.

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