Residency Interview Questions and Answers

06 Feb 2023, 7 Questions

Getting selection in medical school is the biggest achievement for anyone who aspires to become a doctor. In this journey, you have faced and struggled with many interviews and exams and you must be aware that securing the residency is one of the significant achievements. Before becoming a practicing physician, you have to pass this final phase of residency.

During your residency interview questions, you have to influence the interviewer with your performance. Because in this round they will be seeing the marks that you have obtained so far but their focus will be on judging what kind of person you are and how you are going to deal with people in future.

Most Frequently Asked Residency Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Residency Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. What do you do for fun?

This may sound like a weird question especially when you are appearing for the formal residency interview. Be practical and share your real-life experiences or activities that you do. The real agenda behind asking this question is to know your free time activities and with this information, they will calculate your anxiety level, your capability in balancing personal and professional life and etc.

This question also gives you the opportunity to let them know about your personality or unique hobbies that stand you out from others.

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Q2. Why would you like to join our program?

While answering this question, please do not go with the misconception that most people have because that will result in discussing the colleagues, faculty, location, etc. This kind of stuff is not going to help you in influencing the interviewer. Instead, you should perform some research about the program before appearing for the interview and you should have a clear understanding of the point why you opt for this program. It doesn’t mean you are only covering good points here, your focus should be on what fits you well in this program.

Also, we suggest not to go with the typical answer and share the long list of pros. Instead, keep your answer short and crisp that describe you as a perfect fit for this program.

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Q3. What aspects of the specialty do you love the most?

Your answer to this question should represent the interviewer that how nicely and in detail you have done the research about this specialty or the program. To do this, you have to connect with a few of the students in the same specialty to know more about it and obviously do some research on the official website. This knowledge will definitely help you in answering this question calmly.

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Q4. What do you think is the biggest challenge to our specialty?

As you are already aware with the fact that the healthcare sector is changing rapidly and thus it is very important for us to keep informed and be on top of it. We suggest you to study some recent examples that happen because of any disease or need medical assistance. Giving your answer with a real-life example will definitely enhance your chances of being selected. Your focus should be about sharing the knowledge among all the doctors that show unity among them.

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Q5. What do you think is most unique about the specialty when comparing it to others?

Again, your research is going to help you in this answer. How well you have researched your specialty is all that matters. We recommend you to go through the maximum of the information available on the official and related websites. Also, suggestions from the students will also help.

While answering, kindly ensure what you are mentioning here is in line with what you have mentioned in the personal statement forms when you applied for this position.

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Q6. When was the last time you got mad?

This question is definitely throw you in a loop. Almost everyone experienced some kind of conflict in their life, there is no way to escape from this question. You can’t say that you haven’t got mad about anything, this will sound extremely unusual and will be hard to believe. You have to be honest here and share the incident where you got mad with the details like with whom, and why. The only thing you can do here is to protect yourself by giving a genuine explanation that shows your valid points.

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Q7. What differentiates you from other candidates?

This question gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills and uniqueness. Use this opportunity wisely and grab your position. To do this, all you need to focus on below things while framing your answer:

  • What kind of previous experiences have you had that made you apart?
  • Did you get the chance to work anywhere between your school?
  • If yes, then what you have learned there?
  • Have you ever experienced the situation of being a patient?
  • If not, then maybe a close family member?
  • How that situation helps or give you the other perspective of the medical health industry?
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While preparing for residency interview questions, it is important to do a detailed search about the program or the specialty you are applying for. Research about other similar specialties will add the bonus points in your queue and with this, you can answer better. Because with that knowledge you have to ability to compare the specialties. Once you have done that research, you can easily all the questions mentioned above and the ones which are going to be asked to you in the interview.

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