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Are you a budding backend developer, maybe somebody with a keen interest in WordPress now transitioning to PHP? If so, here is a PHP Quiz we have curated containing the most frequently asked questions when applying for a position as a PHP Backend Developer. This can help you gain insights into your knowledge on this subject and even make you more confident and allowing you to excel in that dream job interview.

So, below is a set of Multiple Set Questions that are supposed to be done within a timeframe to help judge your skills accurately. If you are not confident enough to take this test or you believe that you need to read some more, have a look at our PHP Interview Questions to help you get better prepared.

After the test completion, you can either download the result as a PDF to view it offline, maybe share it with your friends, or you can send the results on your mailing address you have mentioned. Anyways, be confident and take the test. Our main aim is to help you secure that dream job, hence, we allow you to take as many tests you want, there is no limit on retakes.

List of Frequently asked PHP MCQs

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1. Which of the following method is used to check if a file exists?

2. What does PHP stand for?

3. Which of the following variable is used to generate random numbers using PHP?

4. How to get the size of the uploaded file in PHP?

5. How many error levels are available in PHP?

6. Which of the following OOP features is/are not supported by PHP?

7. Updated MySQL extension released with PHP 5 is typically referred to as

8. Which one of the following statements is used to create a table?

9. PHP’s numerically indexed array starts with position ...........

10. Which function can be used to move the pointer to the previous array position?

11. What function computes the difference of arrays in PHP?

12. Which of the following function returns a text in Upper case from a variable?

13. Which of the following function returns the number of characters in a string using PHP?

14. [:alpha:] can also be specified as.

15. Which one of the following functions will convert a string to all uppercase?