Phonegap Interview Questions

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A Quick Overview of Phonegap
Phonegap Interview Questions

Best Phonegap Interview Questions And Answers

PhoneGap is standardized with open source implementation where the source code is available to everyone. Therefore, you don’t have to pay any cost. It is entirely free. Any developer or company can make any commercial, open source, free or any such combination with the help of the mobile application.

It only uses the codebase CSS, HTML and JavaScript. But, however, it could allow using these remotely depending on the use of the developer.

It is basically an open-source software which allows the developer to develop the application for the mobile phone using the codebase like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, while in an earlier era it was focused with languages like C and Java.

The major platforms are used to create PhoneGap App UI - JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

  • On Android - it is android.webkit.WebView
  • On IOS - it is Objective-C UIWebView class

The User Interface has web browser view of 100% (Height X Width) of the screen.

The basic constituent of PhoneGap plugin are two types of files that is, an implementation file and other is a JavaScript file. The Plugins are known as Name, Spec, Source and Params and the Gap Plugins are Name, Version, Source, Params.

The implementation file helps the PhoneGap to build up the coordination with the original phone features.

To Upgrade PhoneGap in Linux and Mac:
$Sudo nmp install-g PhoneGap

To Upgrade PhoneGap in Windows:
C:/> nmp install-g PhoneGap

Android, Tizen, Blackberry OS, Bada, Symbian, Windows etc. However, the earlier versions did support other mobile platforms but then the support was taken back from these platforms.

The main beauty of hybrid application is that it has the feature of the native application and as well as the web applications. Native Applications are installed locally (in the mobile device) and Web Applications use multiple platform and made available to user via Internet Browser.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) boost the performance across the world by just getting hosted with JQuery. It actually provides file with higher bandwidth to reduce the page load time.

There are three different types of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

  • Microsoft AXJ CDN
  • Google AXJ API CDN
  • JQuery CDN

The JavaScript file defines the functions which are used to access the native hook in PhoneGap.

The different storage options which could be accessed by the PhoneGap are local storage store, memory store and web SQL store.

The functionality of media.seekto with respect to the one-gap media API is to update the position of the audio file which is a part of the media object.

The functionality of media.getduration with respect to the one-gap media API is to return the duration of the media file to seconds, and in any case, if the duration is not known then it will return it to the value -1.

Camera, Battery Status, Contact, Device Motion and Orientation, Globalization, File Transfer, Geo Location, Whitelist, Status Bar, Screen Splash, Media Capture, Vibration, Network Information and so on are some of the APIs of PhoneGap.

The limitation of PhoneGap are

  • Slow data processing speed.
  • No support for the background running applications.
  • Can’t access the advanced graphics of device in compared with the native system.
  • Arises complexity while trying to access the complicated business logic.
  • Many of the native APIs are not supported by the PhoneGap which cause the problem in the device.

The PhoneGap is a type of framework for the developers which is used during the process of mobile application development while the PhoneGap build is the type of cloud-based service which is built above the PhoneGap framework.

The development of PhoneGap application is same as the other mobile application but the basic difference is the initial HTML asset is available locally while on other mobile application it is present in the remote server.

  • Develop a new directory in your original plugin directory
  • In the newly developed directory make a JavaScript file
  • Make an object C class which could extend the PhoneGap command which is available in the new directory

It has an inbuilt browser in it that controls all dynamic content and significant searches. It is the right platform for developers for decreasing costing and increasing productivity.

Cordova is an engine that supports PhoneGap. It is similar to the Webkit that supports Chrome. At present, the difference comes with the name only, the download package is same in both the scenarios.

It is inbuilt with a great technology which makes it a suitable framework from every type of the mobile application developer.

A child browser is the type of plugin which could be easily integrated with PhoneGap applications. It actually protects and prevent the targeted user from accessing inappropriate content on the browser.

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