Pharmacy School Interview Questions and Answers

06 Feb 2023, 12 Questions

I heard from many students who have applied for pharmacy school that the interview is really critical. Pharmacy School Interview Questions could be difficult for different reasons and these reasons will be discussed with answers to each question.

It is not possible to remember all the questions and answers but it’s also not possible that you will go through interview questions and not gain confidence. To help you a bit we are posting some interview questions. In this article, we help you how to make a good impression on the interviewer and how to crack it.

Most Frequently Asked Pharmacy School Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Pharmacy School Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. What hesitations or reservations do you have about joining the pharmacy profession?
  • Time Schedule- People need health and medical care day and night.
  • Job dilemma- No guarantee you will find a job afterward.
  • Deep Knowledge- As this is healthcare one must have detailed and deep knowledge of medications.
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Q2. Why do you want to become a pharmacist?

Before answering this question go through this profile and try to understand the meaningful purpose of pharmacy and use that in front of your interviewer. Also explains your interests in the profession.

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Q4. A customer asks about an over-the-counter medication you've never heard of before. How would you handle this situation?

This hypothetical question makes you bold enough how to give answers in a situation where you don’t know the answer and shows your patient interaction skills and customer service.

If you have never heard of that medication tell them and say I would check if I can find the medication which has the same salts.

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Q5. What do you think is the most important business aspect of being a pharmacist?
We all know pharmacy is helping patients with their health problems but in the end, it is also a business.

Caring for your patients in a good and honest manner is the most important business aspect. People who know that this pharmacist is knowledgeable and cares about them will increase their business as well.

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Q6. What makes you capable of succeeding in pharmacy school?
  • Improving as a learner is a key to growth in any kind of profession.
  • Deeper knowledge about medications.
  • Concentration of mind is required to succeed.
  • Identify what you exactly need to learn.
  • Cramming won’t help you in this profession.
  • Read less but read for understanding.
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Q7. What skills do you hope to develop in pharmacy school?

Being a pharmacist allowed you to learn many skills that could help you in many ways.

  • Communication skills by interacting with patients
  • Finance skills by handling the counter.
  • Mentoring Skills
  • Management Skills
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Q8. How do you plan to keep your schedules organized?

To avoid crazy schedules and convert them into an organized day you must be following tips-

  • Use your calendar in the most efficient way.
  • Keep all things that you need in one place.
  • List down all the appointments.
  • Organize your desk for maximum usage.
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Q9. What role do you feel pharmacists play in the success of healthcare teams?

Pharmacists are responsible for providing safe and cost-effective medication therapy management which is a must for any healthcare organization to improve overall patient care.

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Q10. What were some of your favorite pre-pharmacy courses in your undergraduate program?

A pre-pharmacy doesn’t contain any course that is related to pharmacology but there are some programs which are help students to introduce to the scientific area-

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Geometry
  • Bioethics
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Q11. What role do you feel technology plays in the field of pharmacology?

The pharmacology profession heavily depends on technology to solve complex tasks. By adopting various pharmacy management systems for their medication records, stock control, and dispensing, pharmacists low down the burden of their work.

Automated dispensing is also used in this area where robots are being used for distribution.

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Q12. What experiences have you had in a retail or clinical setting?

Retail Setting is the term in which various services and goods are being sold to customers through various mediums to earn a profit.

Clinical Setting means any location at which the practice of nursing and other healthcare activities is done on an agreement between any cooperating agency and school of nursing.

NOTE: To answer this Pharmacy School Interview Questions you must know what retail and clinical setting are.

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We mentioned some of the Pharmacy School Interview Question and Answers for your preparation of the interview and hope it would be helpful for you. However like always I will strongly recommend you for good practice. Interview to make a place in Pharmacy School is not so easy but you can trust your luck.

The more you will go through interview questions more you are stepping towards success. To gain more confidence you can join an online program or refer to more pharmacy school interview questions and answers pdf on google. I know you can overcome it, wish you all the best!

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