Node.js Online Test

Node.js Online Test

Have you just started your career in NodeJS? Are you currently looking for a job change in the same field? Here is our updated NodeJS online test to help you evaluate yourself in a better manner. Based on the result, it can also show your weak points so that you are ready for the next job interview.

Below is a set of Node JS MCQ Questions that have to be completed in a specific timeline. If you are confident to take on the quiz, you start it right now or if you wish to read more, visit our collection of Node JS Interview Questions.

After completion of the NodeJS test, you will get the results in a PDF format which can be downloaded or you can get it directly mailed by mentioning your mailing address. Our test has been formulated with the help of seasoned NodeJS experts with the sole purpose of making you ready for the next job interview. This node js test online is created with certain questions that are very important for any NodeJS developer. Our prime focus is to help you prosper in your respective field, so this test can be taken by you as many times as you wish.

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Questions 15

1. Node.js terminal (REPL) is used for ____________.

2. What is the default scope in Node.js application

3. Third-party packages can be install/update/delete using ________

4. Which of the following core module is used to create a web server in Node.js?

5. Which of the following is a GUI-based debugging tool for Node.js?

6. Which of the followings are valid languages for Node.js?

7. Node.js application can access which of the following databases?

8. REPL stands for.

9. Can We access DOM in node?

10. Can we create child processes in Node applications.

11. Which of the following is true about File I/O in Node applications?

12. Which of the following statement is valid to use a Node module http in a Node based application?

13. In which of the following areas, Node.js is not advised to be used?

14. Which method of fs module is used to truncate a file?

15. Which of the following code prints memory usage?

Now that you have already taken the NodeJS online test, you can check the result to see how you’re doing. If your score is less than 5 (5 correct answers) you need to thoroughly read the topics and practice more code. If it’s less than 10, you’re on your way to becoming a better NodeJS developer.

If you have a score of more than 10/15 in our NodeJS test, congratulations, you are now ready to smash that next job interview as a NodeJS developer. But, if you still feel you need to get some tips, read our blog on how to crack NodeJS interviews.