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So, are you a fresher or a novice in MySQL? It does not matter. Here below is a list of the most frequently asked MySQL interview questions in the format of an online test. If you have read all the questions and answers thoroughly and wish to test your skills, this is the place to come to. If you wish to download the test results, it can be done easily after test completion in the form of a PDF or an email.

This is a set of MySQL MCQ questions. Treat this as a starting guide or even a basic MySQL Quiz if you are not ready yet to face the difficult questions. After completing this online test for MySQL, you shall be receiving a completion certificate from our admin panel. So, get ready for testing your skills in this database framework and get real feedback as to whether you are ready for a job interview or not.

List of Frequently asked MySQL MCQ Questions

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1. Which is the default order of sort in ORDER BY clause?

2. Which Of The Following Is An Aggregate Function In MySQL?

3. Normalizations is...

4. What is a composite key?

5. Which of the following scripts will run successfully?

6. Which method is used to get the current time in MySQL?

7. Which commands is used to delete a table called AAA if you have appropriate authority?

8. The USE command

9. Which of these is a valid call to a function using MySQL?

10. Which of the following is available in MySQL?

11. How much character are allowed to create database name?

12. Which clause is used to sort the result of SELECT statement?

13. Which of the following ways below are the correct way to get the current date?

14. BLOB data type can have default column value.

15. Can DISTINCT command be used for more than one column?