Ms Word Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Jan 05, 2023
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Ms Word Interview Questions

MS Word is a word processing software and is one of the products of MS Office Suite. It helps in creating documents, collaborating documents. It is an editing tool along with writing tools helping you put your best words forward. In this article, we have covered the ms word interview questions, read to learn more.

Advantages of MS Word

  • All files can be found at the same place
  • Platform to multiple forms of writing
  • Checks grammatical and spelling mistakes
  • Various tools and labels are available to convert the document to an exciting piece of content

Most Frequently Asked Ms Word Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Ms Word Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. What is MS Word & why it is used for?

MS Word is a word processor and productivity software used for commercial purpose, and it is a component of MS Office Suite. This product can be bought alone out of the other products’ package of the suite. There are multiple ways and areas where the word processing software has been used.

Some of them are as follows-
  • Students use MS Word for designing and creating their school projects
  • Used to develop workplace documents.
  • Used for creating cash memo, joining letter, bills, receipts, and other management related work.
  • Used for making their resume
  • Conversion, editing, and transcription of PDF documents
  • Creation of articles, books, and newsletters.
Q2. What are the components of MS Word?
Components of MS Word are-
  • Home
  • Insert
  • Page layout
  • Reference
  • Mailing
  • Review
  • View
Q3. What is the latest version of MS Word?

Latest Version of MS Word is Office 365

Q4. What are the main features of MS Word?
MS Word has various features to offer to the users, and the most significant of them are as follows-
  • Checks the spellings of the content written in MS Word document
  • Checks punctuation and fundamental grammar issues of the sentences which makes the software used widely
  • Color, font, style, and size of the words of the content written in the document can be changed, and there are various options for the same
  • Design tables and graphs
  • Provides different templates for various designs
Q5. How to add footnotes and endnotes in MS Word?
Footnotes and endnotes can be added in MS Word-
  • Click at the reference part of the page of the document
  • Click on the References tab, and select Insert Footnote or Insert Endnote
  • Right in the area of footnote or endnote
  • Now, double-click the symbol or the number to return to the place of the document
Q6. How do I remove Ctrl-click from a hyperlink?
To remove Ctrl+click–
  • Open the document in MS Word and then in the left pane
  • click on Advanced
  • In the right pane, and under Editing options find Use Ctrl+ Click to follow hyperlink option. Uncheck this option as it is set by default.
  • Click OK.
Q7. How to create a second column in Word?
Placing more columns in the table in MS Word-
  • Get the cursor where you want to add columns
  • Click on the Page Layout tab
  • Now click Columns ->More Columns from the page setup area
  • From the columns dialog box, choose One from Presets area
  • Select This Point Forward from the Apply to the drop-down list
  • Now press OK
Q8. How do you add labels to graphs in Word?
To add labels in graphs in MS Word 2016, follow the below-written steps-
  • Click on the Mailings tab on the ribbon of Word
  • Click on Labels button in the Create Group. Here Labels and an Envelopes dialog box appears and click on label tab forward
  • To change the format of the label, click on the label thumbnail
  • Write the content to be added into the Address box
  • Chose Full Page of the same Label
  • Click on the New Document button
  • Click on the Insert tab
  • Click on Pictures command button
  • To hunt down the image which you want to add, use the Insert Picture dialog box
  • Select the image, and then click on the Insert button
  • The image should be on the first label
Q9. What are the advantages of MS Word?
Advantages and benefits of MS Word-
  • Text aligning such as right left or center or content justification doesn’t take much time
  • Instant pointing out of any sort of grammatical or spelling mistakes
  • Adding figures and images in the document is comfortable with MS Word
  • Usability of the software is high
  • Allows the users to make the documents interesting adding clip art, colors, and bullets, borders to the document
Q10. How many types of views are there in MS Word?
There are several views of MS Word.
  • Web Layout View:- You can get a preview of how your document will look on a website or as a website. All the borders, graphics and backgrounds which you have added in the document can be viewed in the browser. The best trait of this view is it is open to editing and saving your document.
  • Print Layout:- You can check and edit how you set formatting and margins of the document. The view also displays the header and footer information.
  • Outline:-In this, you can add nested levels, bullets, and indented lines for helping in copying, moving, pasting the elements.Research papers, manuscripts, books are other options available in the view section.
  • Standard View:-In case you don’t plan for a commercial printer or output to a web server, standard view or default view is used. It is also used when working with graphics and text and can be edited. No header/footer can be seen here in this view.
  • Reading View:-You can see your document side by side on the monitor, but this is not available in all the versions of MS Word.
Development History

MS Word was developed in the year 1983 by Charles Simonyi. Sometimes known by MS Word or sometimes by word, it has been developed and updated by Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Out of various versions of MS Word, the latest version is MS Word 2016. Also, read the latest ms word interview questions to launch your career.

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