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Maven is a powerful software project management tool used for managing projects developed in programming languages such as Java, Ruby, and C#. We can produce documents, SCM, distribute and report the documentation along with the management of dependencies. The tool also compiles projects within the IDEs. If you are looking for other best Maven Interview Questions, then you find them here. This software project management tool was created in the year 2002 by Jason Va Zyl. It was a part of Apache Turbine project and converted to Apache Software Foundation in the year 2003.

Most Frequently Asked Maven Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Maven Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

1. What do you mean by Maven and why it is used?

A maven is a tool used for software project management and comprehension. Most of the times it is used with projects or software developed in Java, and other programming languages such as Ruby and C#.

This software project management tool is used for-
  • documentation, managing builds, SCM (software configuration management)
  • reporting, releases, dependencies
  • project compilation within the IDE with the help of several IDEs.
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2. What are the advantages of Maven?
  • Helps in better debugging
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Clean generated files from the project such as .class files
  • Improved dependency management
  • Project structure consistency
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3. What is POM in maven?

POM, Project Object Model is the fundamental work unit in Maven. Basically, it is an XML file containing details of the configuration and project information with the help of Maven for building the project. The best thing is the availability of the default values for the projects.

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4. What is the purpose of Maven?
  • To ease handling of the dependencies on the availability of a lot of dependencies
  • Updating the dependencies by choosing the correct update version ID
  • Facilitating the process of building, integrating and testing of the program along with handling it continuously
  • Compiling the source code, generating documents from it and packaging the compiled code.
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5. What does Maven install do?

Maven install is used for framing a project configuration-based dependency tree such as pom.xml. On an mvn install, framing project is done on all the subjects under downloads/compiles and super pom.xml for all the required components in the directory

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6. What is the use of Maven repository?

It is the directory of the JAR files which are packaged and that too with some metadata which are POM files. These are the files used for downloading dependencies of your dependencies till the time when all of them are downloaded. These are put into the local machine.

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7. What are the types of Maven repository?
There are three types of Maven repository, namely-
  • Local repository
  • Central repository
  • Remote repository
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8. Explain the difference between Apache Ant and Maven?
S.no Apache Ant Maven
1. No formal conventions arise the requirement of providing project structure information in the build.xml file Availability of the conventions by placing compiled code and source code i.e., no information sharing requirement in the project structure in pom.xml.file
2. The absence of life cycle in Apache Ant Presence of the life cycle in Maven
3. It is a toolbox mainly of the building nature It is a framework primarily project management tool
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9. What is Maven build life cycle?

Maven build life cycle is the sequence of the steps for the execution of the goals and tasks of any Maven project. The categories under Maven build life cycle are default, clean and site. Here, the default lifecycle handles the deployment of the project and whereas, the clean life cycle considers the cleaning of the project. The task of handling the creation of the documentation of the project is dealt with by site lifecycle.

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10. What is Maven's order of inheritance?

It is one of the most common Maven Interview Question and most accessible to answer and remember.

The order of Maven inheritance is as below-
  • Parent Pom
  • Project Pom
  • Settings
  • CLI Parameters
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11. How do you check if you have Maven installed?
Follow the below-written steps to check the proper installation of Maven:-
  • Make a version check by running mvn -v from the command line
  • You would see resembling output if you have Maven tool.
  • You are all set to use Maven

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12. What is the use of snapshot in Maven?

In Maven, snapshots are used for active projects. You can entirely rely on the snapshot release when you have software development projects are active. Here, Maven attempt to download the snapshots, when the user runs the build, from a repository.

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13. Explain the difference between Maven build and Maven install?
S.no Maven Built Maven Install
1. It is not one of the phases of standard Maven lifecycles It is a phase in the Maven lifecycle’s standard
2. Creation of the new run configuration, while the launch of the previous dialogue is done by Maven, built Installed in Eclipse with the goal install
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14. Explain the difference between dependency and plugin in Maven?
S.no Maven Plugin Maven Dependency
1. Preferred for most of the work Used while task implementation by adding to the classpath
2. Difficult to manage Easy management
3. Create JAR files, unit test code, compile code Reproducible builds are defined, created and maintained
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Latest Version

The latest version of Maven is v3.0

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  • Helps in better debugging
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Clean generated files from the project such as .class files
  • Improved dependency management
  • Project structure consistency
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