MariaDB Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Feb 06, 2023
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MariaDB Interview Questions

MariaDB is the most popular database created by MySQL's original developers. It carries an intention to replace MYSQL as of concern of MYSQL acquisition by Oracle. MariaDB contains open source and relational database technology. As being a rational database, it provides you with the strength of storing data in various tables. Our extensive collection of MariaDB interview questions is guaranteed to help you get your dream job. Read on!


  • MariaDB incorporates a wide choice of storage engines, including high-performance storage engines, for working with different RDBMS information sources.
  • MariaDB utilizes a standard query language.
  • MariaDB keeps running on various operating systems with a wide range of programming language..
  • MariaDB supports PHP, that widely used for development.
  • MariaDB gives Galera cluster technology support that is a synchronous multi-master database.
  • MariaDB additionally offers numerous tasks and directions inaccessible in MySQL and dispenses with/replaces highlights affecting execution contrarily.

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Most Frequently Asked MariaDB Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked MariaDB Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q11. What is the meaning of NULL?

When we use a NULL value, it means they are unknown values. We can not consider them as empty strings or zero, which are valid values. In table creation, section details take into consideration setting them to acknowledge null values, or reject them. Essentially use a NULL or NOT NULL statement. This has applications in instances of missing record data like an ID number. Client characterized factors have an estimation of NULL until express task. Put away routine parameters and neighborhood factors permit setting an estimation of NULL. At the point when a neighborhood variable has no default esteem, it has an estimation of NULL.

Q12. What are the variations of Null Operators?

There are certain operators cannot use with Null operator as result will be null also. Standard comparison operators cannot compare null values because it will return only null, not true or false.

Other available forms of operators are −

  • IS NULL − It gives you result after testing for a NULL value.
  • IS NOT NULL − It gives you confirmation about the unavailability of a NULL value.
  • ISNULL − If it discovery a NULL value it returns a value of 1 if it is absent it returns a value of 0.
  • COALESCE − In case of absence it returns a NULL value but generally, returns the first non-NULL value of a list.
Q13. Expain variations of JOIN?

As we know, JOIN retrieves data from the various table.

There are three forms of JOIN-

1) INNER JOIN : is the most common method of JOIN in which user get row from multiple tables when join condition is satisfied.

2) LEFT OUTER JOIN : This method returns all row from the left-hand table when ON condition is satisfied.

3) RIGHT OUTER JOIN : This method returns all row from the left-hand table when ON condition is satisfied.

Q14. What is the use of regular expression?

A regular expression used to match string on a given pattern. String match pattern use for search option.

Q15. What is a transaction in MariaDB?

A transaction is a sequence of various operations. They work individually but terminates only when each operation executes successfully. Which mean once all operations have been completed only then the transaction will be successful. In case of a single operation gets fail it impacts the entire transaction as each sequence depends up to another one.

Q16. What is the structure of a Transaction?

The general structure of an exchange explanation comprises of starting with START TRANSACTION. The subsequent stage is embeddings at least one or more commands/operations, inserting statements that check for mistakes, inserting ROLLBACK statements to deal with any error found, at last, inserting a COMMIT statement to implement modification on a successful operation.

Q17. Explain ACID in Transaction.
  • Atomicity − It interrupts the failures and rolls back the modification because It is responsible accomplish all operations.
  • Consistency − It is responsible for changes implement by the database on a successful transaction.
  • Isolation − It prepares the transaction operations to perform individually in a transaction.
  • Durability − It is responsible for the persistence of a successful transaction in case an event of system failure occurs.
Q18. What is Alter Command?

Alter command innovate the structure of an existing table, which allows modification such as add and remove of columns, modification of indices, modification in data types and modification in names. At the point metadata lock is active, Alter command is ready to apply modifications.

Q19. What is an index?

Indexes are tools to retrieve records by acceleration. An index column gets an entry for each value by an index production. Indexes are a companion with the various column, assist quick exploration and sufficient record management. Creating an index is consider which columns are frequently using in your query.

Q20. What is Table statistics?

MariaDB uses indexes intensely to optimize queries given quick access to data and gave statistics. There are some users found indexes are complicated to manage. MariaDB provides a self-sufficient storage engine along with the availability of statistics table. Statistics are calculated by storage engine for every table in every storage engine. storage engine even calculates the statistics for columns that are not indexed.

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