Mainframe Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Feb 06, 2023
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Mainframe Interview Questions

Mainframe testing is somewhat similar to web-based testing. It is actually defined and designed for mainframe system testing. It has a major role in application development. It comes into action to test the test case which is developed. To get into complete the complete details about the mainframe interview questions we are mentioning Questions and Answers that can be a help to you. Mainframe testing action usually takes place over the code which has already been deployed. Various sets of data combinations are used in the input file. A terminal emulator is usually used to access the applications running on the mainframe. The only thing that is required in the client’s system is Emulator installed in it. The tester must be aware of the CICS screen navigation while starting Mainframe testing.

You will get to about the complete details of Mainframe Testing in Mainframe interview questions that we are mentioning below.

Most Frequently Asked Mainframe Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Mainframe Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q21. What is the usage of COMP fields in COBOL?

The COMP fields are usually used for the optimum utilization for speed and space handling for arithmetic operations

Q22. In which area will you utilize 88 level items in COBOL?

88 level items indicate restrictive factors and it helps in making choices for specific conditions in a program. You can use SET to increase the incentive for 88 level elements

Q23. Is it possible to move an alphanumeric incentive to a numeric field?

Yes, it is possible to move an alphanumeric incentive to a numeric field with a MOVE statement.

Q24. What is the difference between Delimited by size and Delimited by space?

When it comes to delimited by size, the delimiter is when you add up to the size of information in the field. When it comes to delimited by space, the space itself is the delimiter

Q25. What is meant by COMP-3 and what is it used for?

COMP-3 is used to share space and is a pressed decimal portrayal of information

Q26. Is it possible to move the alphanumeric variables to a numeric variable?

Yes, it is possible. If the field is used as part of the computation, you may face an information case problem (S0C7). This data provides a solution to COBOL queries with information development of many factors

Q27. Can Min or Max be used with alphanumeric data?

Yes, you can use MIN or MAX with alphanumeric information

Q28. What is meant by deadlock in DB2?

A deadlock is a situation when an independent process is contended for a reserved or the same resource of one another. -911 and -913 are the SQL codes for a deadlock.

Q29. What is meant by a bolt dispute?

A bolt dispute is said to happen when an excess of one protest asks for consent for its execution simultaneously. The DBD passage only allows one question at a time

Q30. Explain a linkage segment

A linkage segment is a part of a program that maps to information things in the working stockpile of the program.

Advantages of Mainframe testing
  • Flexible infrastructure
  • Your information is your power - centralized data hub doesn’t let it go waste.
  • It provides a better yielding ability to the process.
  • It provides you with the capability of recovering from the error
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