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Before moving out to the further details, let us tell you one thing more clearly than informational interview questions don't need to be only for your job interview. These questions can be asked to you anywhere especially when you are meeting someone for your career advice, or someone whose job you admire the most.

We will be covering most of the common questions to ask in an information interview. That will cover your career option and the way how you are progressing on it and planning to achieve your career goals. Some questions may be about your personal preferences that include your strengths or weaknesses but majorly focusing on your career side.

Questions to ask in an Informational Interview

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Informational Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

1. What is the fastest-growing field in information technology?

All the fields in information technology are growing faster these days. The world is becoming dependent on the people of information technology and on the tools and software’s made by them. Out of all, I think Python, Node.js, React.js is the best field as this is the coding language which is being used for almost all the latest applications out there in the market.

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2. What's the greatest challenge your department faces?

This question is asked to you to know about how active you are in your job. This is highly recommended you know about the industry trends and then compare them with your department in the organization and see if they are also meeting the standards or facing some challenges.

questions to ask in an informational interview
Read on this article if you are wondering what informational questions might be asked to you in your interview. This will help you in preparing yourself for your upcoming interviews.
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3. What are the greatest pressures, strains, or anxieties in the work?

These things depend on how you take or manage the work. It is very important to maintain a work-life balance. The greatest pressures are always the client pressure and the concerns to meet the deadlines; this sometimes results in strains. On the other hand, it is important to have such pressures at some level to keep the organization or people organized.

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4. What's the biggest challenge for your job?

The reason behind asking this is not to know about the problems you faced. It is more about knowing the way you cater to them. Whether these challenges excite you to kick you or they sound horrible to you?

It would be great if you can share some live examples here.

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5. What's the most important preparation for a role like yours?

It will depend on the role to role, the answer cannot be static to this question. But the simplest and dynamic answer can be “Dedication”. This is something that every role needs and if someone has that level of dedication they can achieve the best in their role.

questions to ask in an informational interview
Do not worry about the questions to ask during an informational interview. All these questions will be based on your resume so make sure to read your resume twice or thrice before the interview; so that it won’t look like you are not prepared for the interview.
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6. What skills do you think are most important for someone interested in a job like yours?

It would be great if you keep yourself updated with the industry trends. While answering anyone to this question, you should know the role you are working in. Otherwise, you will end up with the skills or tools that you are currently working upon, and keep this thing in mind that these are not the only tools that every organization is using. To achieve a single task there are several tools out there.

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7. Is this a rapidly growing field? Is it possible to predict the future needs of workers in this field?

Though the answer to this question depends on which field you are working in. However, you have to make sure you are telling all the good things about the field and your focus should be on telling more about how it is growing and helping the industry.

The future needs of workers can be predicted by concerning all the possible factors around the organization and industry for any field. It all depends on how the company makes its plans.

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8. What's the biggest downside of your job?

The downside reason will depend on the domain and your personal preferences. The only thing we would recommend you is whenever answering this question make sure you are not keeping your problems above your job. Also, your answers shouldn’t feel demotivated to others who are willing to work in the same domain.

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9. How would you describe the perfect person for this job?

Here, if you are keeping someone else above yourself then you are raising the question to your capabilities that “why are you here?” Always mention the good to have qualities for this job and at the end

questions to ask in an informational interview
Be confident and make sure to keep eye contact with all the interviewers in the panel. This will help them in finding the confidence level in you and making you the best choice among others.
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10. What are some big projects you’re working on now or that you’ve finished up in the last few months?

Projects are something that keeps the job interesting for any individual. Make sure to share all the recent projects on which you have worked upon in recent times. Do share your likes or dislikes. It would be great if you can mention a few things about your project because of which you have learned a lot, telling this will help in demonstrating that you are excited to take new opportunities.

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11. What would surprise people about your daily work?

The hiring manager is expecting to have savvy candidates for their organization/project, they want to judge your knowledge level. They also want to know the secret knowledge behind the work as it depends on the individual’s mindset. They asked this question for herself as well, with the assumption that they might get to know some interesting things here. So make sure you are not disappointing your hiring manager, you are going to answer this question with the best thing that you love about your work. Whether you are not sure if this is something that’s going to surprise other people, do share it.

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12. How will this job change over the next 10 years?

The next 10 years is a very big tenure to think about. You can simply say every job can promote and growth and I will love to see myself growing in this role and achieving more and more rewards and recognition that will help me in succeeding in my career. I will be a better person after 10 years concerning my job and knowledge as well.

questions to ask in an informational interview
Situational based questions are always results as the good informational interview questions. Here you will get the chance to showcase your communication and interpersonal skills, and also helps in building the professional relationship with the interviewers.
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13. Why did you choose this career?

The reason behind asking this question is to know about your passion and skills towards the career. Do not start talking about yourself and your interest here. Keep the conversation professional.

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14. What do you wish someone would have told you before you started this career?

If you are happy with the career line you opt for yourself then your answer should simply be like - “I wish someone would have told about this so earlier, so that I have achieved more by this time here”

If you are not happy or satisfied with the work you are doing, do not mention that you are not happy or you have chosen the wrong profile. The best answer here can be - “I wish someone would have told me some other available courses so that I can get more visibility in opting for my career but no worries I am planning to have some more relevant courses.”

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15. If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

No one is going to judge you on this. This is simply a question to know more about yourself, your hobbies, etc. Be honest, and share your likes and dislikes here, and try to maintain a healthy relationship with your hiring manager.

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16. What's the biggest reward for your job?

The biggest reward for every person is that they love appreciation for whatever they are doing. And, I am also one of them. I love when someone appreciates my hard work. By being a little friend you can also say “money is also a big reward” but make sure you have created that environment before saying it.

questions to ask in an informational interview
If you are struggling whether or not you have questions to ask in an informational interview, do some research before your interview and prepare yourself for it. As it leaves a good impression if you ask relevant questions to the interviewer probably at the end of your interview process.
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Questions to ask during an informational interview

Here are some broad questions that should function well by paying little mind to the business or the individual's professional background. Simply ensure that they're applicable to the individual by doing intensive research on their work ahead of time.

  • What current projects are you working on?
  • What's the greatest challenge your department faces?
  • What skills do you think are most important for someone interested in a job like yours?
  • What do you enjoy most about the work you do?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?
  • Do you have any recommendations for other people I should talk to or other resources I should explore?
  • Are there any questions I'm not asking that I should be?
The important thing to remember:

Before signing off, we just want to let you know that the informational interview questions do not take more than 20-25 minutes. So this is the only time where you can figure out how you can fit yourself. Listen to the question carefully and think twice before answering any question, as you have limited time to create your space!

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