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The Interview panel knows that being an IAS is a tough job; hence they judge every trait of the candidate's personality by asking tricky IAS interview questions. For this, they always pick some simple introductory questions, followed by moderate, and then the hard level questions.

Honestly speaking, there is nothing like hard questions. The candidate makes it hard with over-thinking. They just see how the candidate handles the question. They are looking for a positive reaction in every reply with zero nervousness. A positive attitude is a personal trait that comes from a positive physical environment. Spending time with positive people and reading books all build that environment. Nervousness can be eliminated if you are familiar with the questions they were going to ask. So focus on increasing the familiarity, and here we will help you by providing the most frequently asked UPSC interview questions. So let's begin.

Most Frequently Asked UPSC interview questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked IAS Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

1. A woman was born in 1935 and died in 1935. On her death, she was 70 years old. How?

Sir 1935 is a room number. She born there and died there itself.

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3. Does shemale have periods?

Don't get shocked by this question thrown to judge your reaction. Reply in a calm and composed manner.

No sir. A shemale does not have the menstrual cycle, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, or reproductive organs of a genetic woman like women.

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4. Why does women's shirt does not have pockets?

Sir, because girls prefer purse to carry things and they have nothing to carry in the pocket. Plus, women don't want to spoil its beauty.

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8. A criminal sentenced to death had to choose one of three methods of death
  • A Blazing Room
  • Room filled with criminals like him
  • Room full of lions that haven't eaten for three years.

Which room should he choose?

Sir, room number 3 because the lions should have died now as they haven't eaten anything for so long.

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10. 40 birds of 1 rupee. One pigeon of 3 rupees. One chicken of 5 rupees. How will 100 birds come for 100 rupees? Sir, 80 birds for 2 Rupees, one pigeon for 3 Rupees, and with Rs. 95,I will buy 19 chickens. 2 + 3 + 95 = 100 hundred birds.
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11. Can a man marry his widowed wife's sister?

No sir. The man is already dead.

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12. Why did you opt for civil service?

Tell them the reason or the thing that happened to you in real life, which moved you completely. The reason should be strong enough that changed you from the inside and should not show any selfish desire. If you are still not getting any ideas, we urge you to search for the people who did great for the country and were civil servants. You can make them your source of motivation in the reply.

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13. How would you differentiate between vision, mission, aims, and objectives?

Sir, vision is what you wish to achieve and is usually a long term goal. The mission is something that you have to do to achieve your vision.

The aim is a mental focus that connects your vision and your daily missions. Objectives are your small goals, which are included in your mission.

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14. What will you do if I go with your sister?

There must be some reason for that which I will ask her later. If you are going with her, that means you have her consent, so I see no problem here.

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15. How is it possible to drop a raw egg on a concrete floor without getting cracked?

There are many answers to that. Pick any of the following.

Sir, the concrete floor is hard to crack. If I drop that egg from 1cm, I am sure it will not crack. I will take a lot of bubble wraps and wrap it around the egg multiple times. I am sure it won't crack then.

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16. How is it possible for a man to go eight days without sleep?

If he is sleeping every night, he can go further than eight days.

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17. Imagine a scenario where one morning you woke up and found that you were pregnant?

I will be happy and tell my husband and family about it.

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18. What is the inconspicuous contrast between terrorism, militancy, fundamentalism, insurgency?

Life does not become easy for an IAS officer when transferred to the disturbed areas of India; instead, it becomes much harder. Individual states like Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and North East are infested with Naxalites, and some states like Delhi, Jammu, and Kashmir, Ladakh, Mumbai are prone to terrorist attacks. Hence they are expecting a clear-cut answer. Terrorism is a condition where violence is used to put fear among the population to perform a political/religious/social objective. Militancy means the use of violence and aggression to support a political or social cause. Fundamentalism is to follow an ideology or religion or beliefs very strictly. Insurgency is more about rebellion against the authority or state.

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19. Where Lord Rama would have praised his "First Diwali"?

They will celebrate it in their homeland, "Ayodhya.”

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20. If you will get the opportunity today to innovate something, what would be that?

This is going to be the perfect opportunity to represent your awareness level through your answer. Tell them how you can correct the issues you see in your locality. Use your knowledge that you have gained through your graduate studies.

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21. Many people were doing well in their studies and scored good in academics but not in their life. What is the reason behind it?

No need to show your frustration on the education system of India. We all know what it is. Just focus on the problems that lead to such kind of situation. You can give reference to the Skill India programs and how it will help youth.

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22. How might you persuade individuals of Delhi to utilize Metro over their vehicles?

Sir will tell the merits of commuting through metro over personal vehicles. I will talk about how we can save our environment, how it is good for the pocket. How much safer, reliable, and faster it is then the usual transport.

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23. Is there anything special about your birth date? Or any other important or unforgettable event took place at that time?

Find the meaning of your name on google. There are plenty of Indian websites that will help you with that. Search the year in which you were born and note down any big event which happened that year. It can be a birth date of a famous person or anniversary or invention etc.

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24. What is your motive for becoming an IAS officer?

Tell them how many lives you will change by achieving your dream job. Include your parents, people around you, and the social evils that you will eradicate from your locality. Your "WHY" should be clear and should connect to the interviewers. Take time, introspect yourself, and clear your "WHY.”

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26. Twins(Sonu and Umesh) were born in May, but their birthday is in June. How's this possible?

Sir May is the place of birth, and June is the month in which they were born.

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27. Why do flies buzz around our bodies?

Sir, there are three main reasons for that:

First, they like carbon dioxide, which we exhale during breathing. Flies get attracted by this gas. Second, they like the warmth of our exposed skin. Third, they feed on dead skin cells, decaying organic material, and open wounds. This is the reason why they sit on our skin even we try to kill it.

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These questions cover most types of most brilliant IAS questions. With these, you have the idea of what kind of questions were asked in the panel.

You should also search for IAS interview questions in Hindi for more types of questions if you are going to use the Hindi language during the interview.

In the end, we would like to say that you should be ready for the barrage of questions. We would advise you to take the help of your friends, siblings, and other mature ones to do your interview. Every person has a different personality; hence their questions will be different from one another. Deeply self introspect yourself and write down what questions they can ask about you and your surroundings. List your strengths and weaknesses. Compile all the questions you have formed and tell the other person to ask you the same. You can also give mock interviews to some good coaching institutions. They will pre-judge you and will make you aware of your shortcomings. We hope this article answers all your doubts. Good luck.

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