Green Card Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Feb 06, 2023
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Green Card Interview Questions

For couples in the United States or other countries, marriage is not an easy process. It's like a job in which you have to pass an interview to prove that your marriage is certified. And that interview is commonly known as Green Card Interview or USCIS Interview in which the interviewer will ask you Green Card Interview Questions to grasp the history of your relation, the present condition of your relationship, and your future plan towards your life. It's basically to know that your marriage is not fraud and you are living a healthy relationship.

Note that I have used the term USCIS in the above paragraph. As this interview is arranged by U. S Citizenship and Immigration Services it’s also referring to USCIS Interview in which the name suggests the interviewer can ask Immigration Interview Questions.

Most Frequently Asked Green Card Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Green Card Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. Where else have you lived during the past five years?

To apply Green Card for marriage one have to give detail of addresses of the past five years to the government. These addresses must be correct and there should not be any gap compared to prior information. One must remember all addresses of the places in which they have lived in the past. Sometimes if a person has lived in more than one place it's difficult to remember the address.

Q2. What places have you lived since the age of sixteen?

If you are living in the same place where this green card interview is going on then also you have to give all the detail of addresses to the government. In that case, you have to give the detail of all the places you have changed after the age of sixteen.

Q3. What foreign countries have you visited in the past ten years?

This is a very common question asked during citizenship interview questions and normally varies from person to person. Try to answer this question with all the information you know: like the place of a visit, time of visit, and positive points of that country. In short, be ready for an explanation about the countries you have traveled to.

Q4. What did you study at the last school you attended?

Some questions related to education and employment are expected to be asked during the green card interview. One question might be this for any interviewer if your application is employment-based. This question is related to your past education in which you have to tell them the things which you have studied in your last school. Adding a bit of information about traveling and showing them your school focus on these things might grab their attention.

Q5. Have you ever failed to file a tax return when you were legally obligated?

Sometimes USCIS officers might ask you for tax returns to see how good you are in maintaining law and order for the country you are living in. As we all know a good citizen is, who pays taxes on time for the country. These things are not mentioned in the interview notice but one document that proves file taxes on time you should carry with you.

NOTE: These USCIS interview questions is to check your tax history.

Q6. Have you ever attacked, discriminated, or denied another person's rights based on their nationality, race, religious beliefs, orientation, or political opinion?

By this question, USCIS service basically wants to check your ethics. If you are going to apply for a green card your character must be of good ethics and good values to confirm you can validate the U.S laws. Try to answer this question as NO.

Q7. Have you ever committed a crime without being charged?

There is one form named I-485 which asks for any organization you are in league with and this one could be your green card interview question. This is because they want to know that if you joined up with any organization that could be examined as a risk to the U.S. If you are affiliated with organizations like terrorist organizations or any communist one then you could be ineligible for the green card.

Q8. What do you and your spouse typically argue with?

There might be some questions that could be over personal for you but not for the USCIS officer. They are allowed to ask anything related to any topic even about contraception. These questions are basically if you are going to apply green card for marriage. Take care if you feel it's too personal then you can say about it but if you want to end it then you have to decline it politically.

Wrapping it up

Just collect a bit of governmental information like laws and order of the country for which you are applying for a Green Card. You should be honest and open about yourself in front of the interviewer. It is very important for you to practice for an interview. Because stress could be a synonym of Interview. And this interview could be stressful for the people who are even into a long term marriage. Don't freak out and be confident. You will crack it.

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