Glassdoor Interview Questions and Answers

Last update: 09 Apr 2022, 9 Questions

Do you want to know anything about jobs and companies? Glassdoor is a worldwide leader for it. It has its headquarter in San Francisco and California and thanks to its founders- Robert Hohman, Rich Barton, and Tim Besse. So, here we are to help you start your career with this amazing company with the help of some Glassdoor Interview Questions and Answers. It is built to increase transparency at the workplace and let you aware of employee experience powered by millions of company reviews and ratings, salary reports, office photos, CEO approval ratings. The best thing is all this information is shared by the employees who previously had worked with that company. Today glassdoor is the biggest platform that helps thousands of employers from various organizations in recruiting and hiring a candidate who stays longer with them. Glassdoor makes money by job postings, advertisement of job listings, and employer’s branding and has an estimated annual revenue of around $155M per year.

Most Frequently Asked Glassdoor Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Glassdoor Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

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