Top Flight Attendant Interview Questions

Last updated on Jun 22, 2023
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Flight Attendant Interview Questions

In-flight attendant interview, firstly, you have to describe yourself as confident, resilient, reliable. You have to express that you are a very positive person who believes in his/herself. For the flight attendant interview, you should prepare to introduce yourself to the person who greets you, mentioning your name, the time your flight attendant interview is scheduled, and who you are to meet with. Greet the hiring manager by stating about yourself. At 21 years old, you can apply for a flight attendant interview. If you have a high school diploma and complete a flight attendant training program, only then can you use it for the Flight attendant interview. The flight attendant interview can last four to six hours. There are so many steps that are very difficult in flight attendant interviews.

Most Frequently Asked Flight Attendant Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Flight Attendant Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. What would you do if someone afraid to fly started panicking?

As a flight attendant, I will be helping an afraid passenger take their mind off the anxiety. I will ask the passenger about where you are from, what you do, what your family is like, where you are going etc. Then I describe things I like and remind the passenger that everything will be okay.

Q2. What are the things you would do in an emergency in the air?

Firstly, I can intervene in everyday emergencies. I will close the exit doors on the left and right sides of the aircraft by following the instructions. Hosts and hostesses are also tasked with opening the emergency exit door in case of an emergency in the air.

Q3. Do you feel comfortable in a new environment and situation?

This work provides me a chance to focus my interests constructively. So I do feel comfortable in the new environment and any situation.

Q4. What are your customer service strengths?

Fight attendant spends most of their time interacting with passengers and seeing their needs. Traveling is a challenging experience for many individuals, so lovely customer service providing skills can help passengers modify and feel good about flying.

Q5. If two passengers were having a dispute on a seat, what would be your method for resolving the issue?

If two passengers were fighting over the same seat, I would nicely ask both passengers to lower their sound out of respect for other travelers on the flight. I must take it to calm down the situation and creates a sense of helpfulness of authority.

Q6. Please provide me a few examples of what you consider to be good characteristics of a flight attendant.

I trust the key characteristics flight attendant should own professionalism and dedication in everything they do. Attentiveness, decision-making, physical stamina, and customer service skills are some characteristics of a flight attendant.

Q7. What special skills or capabilities do you bring to the flight attendant job?

Customer service, teamwork, creating a great customer experience, friendly and positive behavior, exceeding expectations, and, most important, professional and responsible are some skills that I bring to my job as a flight attendant.

Q8. What do you consider to be the most challenging aspect of being a flight attendant?

The most challenging feature of being a flight attendant is dealing with rowdy or unhelpful passengers. Not only do that kinds of travelers make the flight less entertaining for the other passengers, but they can also be near a safety risk.

Q9. Why did you choose to apply to our airlines, And have you submitted applications to some of the other carriers?

I know that your airline has a robust dedication to safety and customer service. I have read about your modern fleet of aircraft and am impressed by your global reach.

Q10. How do you handle a situation when two passengers argue and disturb the rest of the travelers?

If I were to handle a situation where two passengers were arguing and disturbing the rest of the passengers, I would first suppose a reliable posture. I then describe to the passengers that I would like to assist them in resolving the situation, but I need them to be quiet and aid me in working through this.

So, in the end, you should know that in-flight attendant interviews use common sense and avoid swear words, lewd conversations, or mundane complaints about your day. Remember, this flight attendant interview requires a pleasant public face.

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