Firefighter Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Feb 06, 2023
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Firefighter Interview Questions

Being a firefighter is one of the most challenging jobs that require commitment, strength, and motivation. In firefighter interview questions, you will be judged based on your mental, physical, and emotional levels, so it is recommended to be prepared beforehand. For preparing, you must go through the common questions asked during the interview.

Most Frequently Asked Firefighter Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Firefighter Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. Why do you want to work in this industry?

This question is the most common question to be asked by the interviewer. In simple words, it's a freebie. A good reply should come under two category:

When your parents/family members were the part of this job. If yes, this will create a huge impact already. You are motivated because your hero is your own father/relative.

When you don't have any background in this job. For this, you have to come up with a good and genuinely motivated story. If not, read some. We are sure you have heard some stories about these heroes. Copy-paste it right there. They should know that you are motivated for this job.

Q2. What do you believe the daily responsibilities are for a firefighter?

Sir, as per my knowledge my role would be:

  • Driving the emergency vehicles.
  • Put out a fire during operations.
  • Find or Rescue people or animals.
  • Making sure my utilities, Fire Extinguishers, Firetrucks, and other emergency vehicles in good form.
Q3. What is the fire department's primary role?

Sir, in my opinion, the priority is to protect the lives of citizens during hazardous situations. (A follow-up question will be asked to you. Be ready)

Q4. How do you prioritize your career, family, and friends?

Sir having a balance in this three-sphere of life is important for me instead of prioritizing it. By default, most of the time is spent building our career, learning new stuff every day. Family time is one that cannot be neglected. And time spent with friends gives us little breaks and joy. All three are equally important and necessary at the same time.

Q5. How would you help improve the fire department's public education programs?

One of the most important jobs of the fire department is to conduct public education programs to educate young people on the measures that should be taken when a fire breaks out. They are looking for a candidate which can contribute selflessly to the betterment of society. So handling these educational programs should be done with a sense of responsibility. Tell them that you are good to communicate with people and how you have participated in different social services which made you a responsible citizen.

Q6. Would you ever disobey a direct order? When and why?

Sir, I will obey every order given by my senior officer. But there are some situations where only I can assess a situation during an operation where my senior would not be present. In that situation, if I see life in danger then I will listen to my instinct and deny any order and explain it later to the authority.

Q7. What first aid and EMT training do you have?

This is a factual and easy question to answer. The interviewer wants to know about your educational background in this field. Be prepared for it thoroughly.

Q8. In our department, firefighters have four days on, then four days off. How will you and your family manage a non-traditional schedule?

Sir my family understands my goals and they know how badly I want to become a firefighter. They are comfortable if I am comfortable with them. I believe everything adjusts with time.

Q9. What are some ways you can contribute to maintaining good morale and positive relationships within your crew?

A positive relationship and good morale are important for a firefighter. A duty cannot be done in a hostile atmosphere because at any point in time a person may seek the help of another crew member. Therefore maintaining a good relationship with the crew is important. Convey to them how good you are at making strong connections.

Q10. How would you react to an angry crowd at the scene of a fire?

I would try to pacify things and tell them that they are not helping in controlling the situation with anger. I will try to persuade them that they too are part of the rescue team and they can help us by staying calm until we perform our operation successfully.

These firefighter interview questions and answers are prepared under the supervision of industry experts. Reviewing these questions will build some confidence in you while preparing for the interview.

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