Excel Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Mar 07, 2022
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Excel Interview Questions

It is a software offering various features to calculate, format, organize data with formulas with the help of a spreadsheet system. MS Office Suite is the parent of MS Excel and used to create spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are documents displayed in a significant tabular form laid out in rows and columns. We have a broad spectrum of Excel Interview Questions which can help you land to your dream job. MS Excel is a software program developed by Microsoft in the year 1985.

Advantages of using MS Excel

  • Make a comparison of data easy
  • Summarization, organization, and structuring of data is less time consuming
  • Ease of building great charts
  • Sorting and filtering of the information takes a fraction of seconds
  • Visual display of data then using graphs, pie charts

Most Frequently Asked Excel Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Excel Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q11. Explain the essential data formats seen in Excel?
Data formats which are used in Excel are
  • .xls existing excel workbook or worksheet
  • .xlsx existing excel workbook or worksheet
  • .csv comma-separated values text file
  • .txt text file
Q12. How many cells are in an Excel sheet?

There are 1048576. It was 65,536 rows and 256 columns before Excel 2007 hit the market.

After the year 2007 till Excel 2016= 1048576*16384= 17179869184 cells.

Q13. What is a macro in MS Excel?

A macro in MS Excel is an automated input sequence for emulating mouse actions or keystrokes. A repetitive series of mouse actions and keyword are to be replaced by the macro. Macro is common in word processing and spreadsheets like MS Word and MS Excel.

Q14. What is financial modeling in Excel?

Financial modeling in excel is one of the understood skills in finance and is highly values. It has been developed with the objective of combining finance, accounting, business metrics. The combination helps in creating an abstract representation of a company in Excel.

Q15. How do I merge two cells in Excel without deleting data?

Yes, we can do that. For this, you need to select the cell in which you wish to put the combined data. Type = here in the cell, and then select the first cell which you need to connect. Then type& and quotation marks with enclosed space. Next step is choosing the next cell you wish to combine and press enter.

Q16. What is function and formula in Excel?

MS Excel uses a formula where the value of a cell is calculated. A user can write the statement for the formula. There are different forms of references, values and functions and names. A formula is an expression used to calculate a cell’s value.

Functions are code designed available in the MS Excel for calculating specific values and used inside formulas.

Q17. What are the different types of errors in Excel?

Most common errors in MS Excel are division by zero, no value available, NULL, NUM, REF, VALUE.

Q18. What is the syntax of the Vlookup function?

The syntax of VLOOKUP function which allows the users to find an item’s value in one or another spreadsheet is

VLOOKUP (Lookup Value,Table_Array, Col_Index_Num,[Range_Laookup])

Q19. How are count Counta and Countif functions different from each other?

Difference between Count(),Counta(), Countif() are as follows-

S.no Count() Counta() Countif()
1. Count() counts only those cells containing numbers Counta () is a function which counts all the numbers which are not empty Countif () function is used when counting specified cells meeting certain conditions.
Q20. What is the order of precedence for Excel operators?

Order of operator precedence states that in MS Excel multiplication takes place before addition. But we can force the change in the order by using parentheses.


For example, 5+3*4 comes out to be 5+12=17


Latest version Excel

The latest version of Excel is v16.0 came in Excel 2016. There are several other versions of MS Excel, which vary with their functionality and characteristics. The development of history becomes an essential topic in MS Excel Interview Questions.

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