DB2 Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Mar 22, 2022
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DB2 Interview Questions

DB2 is a product developed by IBM.DB2 is the relational database management system(RDMS). DB2 is specially designed to store, analyze and retrieve the data efficiently. DB2 can handle a large amount of data and at the same time serving multiple users. The DB2 interview questions will be answered below in the article.

Advantages of DB2 database

  • DB2 has a more powerful structured SQL query than Microsoft's SQL.
  • DB2 has some useful features like Object tables, Java method support, and multiple user-defined functions
  • IBM DB2 run on all the available platforms

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Most Frequently Asked DB2 Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked DB2 Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. Explain DB2.

DB2 is the relational database management system(RDMS) which is specially designed to store, analyze and retrieve the data efficiently.

Q2. List down the data types in the DB2 database.

The data types that are available in the DB2 database are:-

  • CHAR
  • DATE
  • TIME
Q3. What is the use of DB2 optimizer?

DB2 optimizer processes the SQL statements, and it also helps to select the access path

Q4. What is DBRM in DB2 database?

DBRM stands for Database Request Module.DBRM is the component inside DB2, which is created by the precompiler of DB2. DRBM consists of the SQL source statements which get extracted out of the application program.DBRMs form the inputs which are very helpful in the binding process.

Q5. What is the meaning concurrency in the DB2 database?

Concurrency is the period when more than one DB2 application process can access the same data at the same time.

Q6. What is the role of Data Manager in the DB2 database?

DB2 database has a component which manages the physical database, and also it requests the system components to perform the operations like locking, logging, etc. and also to perform I/O operations.

Q7. What is the Clustering Index in the DB2 database?

A clustering index is a type of index, which locates the roes of the table and determines how to group these rows in the tablespace.

Q8. What is the role of the Data page in the DB2 database?

Data page retrieves the data from the database. The database from which the data can be extracted is in the form of 4 kilobytes or 32 kilobytes. Data page also includes the information regarding the user that is part of the database.

Q9. How to find the number of rows in DB2 tables?

The user can find the number of rows in the DB2 tables by using the SELECT COUNT (*) on the DB2 query.

This question has always been a center of the discussion in db2 Interview Questions.

Q10. How can the duplicate values be eliminated from DB2 SELECT?

A user can eliminate the duplicate values from DB2 SELECT by using SELECT DISTINCT in DB2 query.

Development History

IBM Db2 which was announced in the year 2017 is the successor name to the DB2 that was introduced in the1980s by IBM only for their specific platform. In 1990 IBM decided to design a Universal Database (UDB) DB2 server that can run on any operating systems like Linux, UNIX, and Windows.

Latest Version

The newest version for IBM DB2 is 10.5, and the name of this version is “Kepler.”

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