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Which country invented what? Which technology has been used to calculate this? These are a few current affairs MCQ, which you are supposed to learn by heart before appearing for any competitive exam, which is obviously not easy. The speed of the changing world is the highest in the 21st century. One needs to adopt an organized way of studying and keeping all the concepts in memory. Grabbing all the information is like biting off more than one can chew. But guidance and practice at the right platform can change everything and prepare you to get ahead of the competition. Best interview questions is a platform which helps the job candidates to learn current affairs MCQ in a secure way. You don’t need to invest your money in heavy books to get acquainted with the questions. Our experts put all the essential information on the website. Drop off your worries. Our current affairs MCQ are there to support you and make you ready for the big day. You can also reap other benefits like boosted confidence, enhanced personality, better body language. Small efforts mean a lot and can even change the way you look at interviews by making them in a fun way. So, no need to get frowned on the thought of preparing for current affairs MCQ.

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1. Which bank unveiled its new logo?

2. Which state government has launched the PRAGYAAM app?

3. Which state government has introduced mobile hand-wash facility?

4. What has the Government of India changed the name of the National TB Control Program?

5. Where NIC has established Blockchain Technology Center?

6. Ukraine's PM resigned from his post, his name is?

7. In which year Microsoft has decided to cut carbon emissions?

8. World's youngest person died, his name?

9. Who has become the new PM of Russia?

10. Who has announced the lauch of corona studies series?

11. Which institute started developing emergency evacuation bag?

12. The book 'The Death of Jesus' has been released, who is its author ?

13. Which mission did NASA announce for the study of the Sun ?

14. Who has been appointed as the Managing Director of sundaram Home Finance ?

15. Who has become the oldest male person in the world ?