Chipotle Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Jan 09, 2023
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Chipotle Interview Questions

If you are on this page that means your application went through and you already got an invitation for the Chipotle interview. Well congratulations in that case, but seeking the next step? Don’t worry we got your back and had prepared the list of most frequently asked Chipotle Interview Questions. Why you should start your career with Chipotle is because this is one of the biggest employers in the restaurant industry and represents one of the most distinctive fast-food restaurants in the business world and opts for philosophies of very fast service and high-quality food. The restaurant chain aims to focus energy on perfecting delicious recipes with all-natural ingredients covering more than 1500 locations and around 37000 employees.

You will be happy to know that a single location may serve up to 500 customers per day as the work environment is developing and progressing very fast. Members of the restaurant are kind, energetic, and sustain a positive attitude towards their customers together with a good work ethic. Candidates don’t require any prior fast-food experience at all they prefer to hire freshers to mold them into managers from within.

Pre-interview process in chipotle takes place online, but most job interview processes follow the face-to-face meetings with your upcoming manager and another hiring representative. Below Chipotle interview questions and answers will make you feel confident during that time.

Most Frequently Asked Chipotle Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Chipotle Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. What do you know about Chipotle and why do you want to work with us?

This question will tell the interviewer that you are enthusiastic about the job you are applying for and interested in the establishment of chipotle.

Chipotle Mexican Grill is an American chain of restaurants that provides Tacos, Burritos, and Burritos bowls and is first opened in 1993. It’s known as Chipotle because of the native name of smoked and dried jalapeno chili pepper. It has restaurants in many countries like the UK, Germany, Canada, and France.

When I hear about Chipotle, the first word that comes to my mind is “Real” and chipotle is more than this word. Being real to it means fresh food every day using real and natural ingredients, fighting for our planet, and treating its customer right. A company with these values and services is a company I have always respected and wanted to work for.

Q2. Are you familiar with our mission statement and values?

Again, it’s time to check your knowledge and understanding of Chipotle. Show your interviewer that you are excited to be part of their team and read about their organization not just here for an interview. Try to answer the below way-

Yes, I completely understand that Chipotle depends on local and organic produce and how our planet is the first concern for you. Chipotle gives a warm work environment to all its crew members, taking extra care in producing and preparing food that proves to be nutritious for all customers.

Q3. What is the term "Food with Integrity" mean to you?

Every company has its norms, terms, and standards that a candidate should be aware of before going for an interview.

One of the standards that Chipotle follows is “Food Integrity” i.e., food is safe and free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, it is nutritious as it is grown in healthy soil, and meat from free-range animals.

Food with Integrity also means that food is produced by opting highest ethical standards and special care is also given to the environment and the employees who work in the food industry.

Q4. Highlight your best traits and how they will help you in this job?

This two-part chipotle job interview question could help you to shine in your interview, but it should be treated as such. Be honest while giving this answer instead of telling the traits that the hiring manager wants to hear like-

I strongly believe that my hard work, positive attitude, dedication, and adaptability are my best traits.

  • Being hardworking means attending to and resolving issues on time and going beyond to assist customers.
  • Dedication toward my work makes me accountable.
  • Having a positive attitude towards customers helps deal with customers as customers also want to treat by the people who are friendly, approachable, and helpful.
  • Lastly being adaptable allows me to rise in a brisk environment.
Q5. What would you do if a customer asked for a free dish?

By this question, the interviewer wants to know if you are familiar with the policies of the store and how much you are prepared to enforce them.

I have been in situations where customers asked for freebies, but I always make clear the store policies to them and that there is a charge for it. I will inform the customer about its price and confirm if they still want it. However, if they still insist, I will seek help from my manager.

Q6. Do you agree with the statement that Food can change the world?

Chipotle is all about serving its customers healthy and nutritious food, therefore organization strongly believes that food has the power to change this world. Show the interviewer that you appreciate this establishment in a way like-

I strongly believe that food impacts the world positively. How we produced it and how it is being prepared has a significant impact on this environment. There would not be a better example than you since you are committed to using food items with no added chemicals and hormones.

Q7. Are you a team person or prefer to work alone?

If you are working for a food company, you won’t survive being alone. You must be able to work well within the team, communicate with other team members, and help them during their busy periods.

I am perfectly fine working both ways. I would appreciate it if I can complete some tasks alone but work as a part of a team create a friendly work environment. For example- If there is a slow-moving customer line, we could work together to move them to another line and then take orders from them. This teamwork helped all of us to make sure that customers had the best experience.

Q8. What you would you do if you face any conflict with a co-worker?

Show them that you can stay calm and professional and resolve the conflict instead of making it worse.

I believe that for a positive work environment everyone should be on good terms at the workplace but occasionally there can be conflicts. Instead of directly approaching my manager I will talk to them about the issue and tell them how it is affecting the other team members. If the problem persists, I will raise it with my manager.

Q9. If a customer isn't satisfied with his/her meal, what would you do?

The interviewer wants to know your customer handling skills and if you can stay professional in dealing with them.

  • I will first find out what exactly makes them upset in their meal and apologize.
  • The most important thing is to listen to them and make them realize that they are heard.
  • Ask them how we can fix it and let them lead to a solution.
  • Offer a replacement and then give personalized attention to them.

Try as best as you could because, in the end, an unhappy customer is a client loss.

Q10. What would you do if a customer gets angry because of late delivery?

Late deliveries are the biggest risk of damaging relationships with your customers. I will handle the situation by following these ways-

  • I will be transparent about delays and will not rise their expectations to deliver the food before the expected time.
  • Customers will understand the situation like product shortage, weather issues just assure them their product will be delivered but a bit late.
  • Apologize before they say anything. Customers are more forgiving if you are honest and transparent.
  • Offer them gifts, shipping refunds, and other credits to show that you value their time.
  • Communication is the best way to calm your customer. Communicating in a way that is honest, transparent, and generous increases the chances of keeping them.

After spending your time preparing these interview questions for Chipotle, visit the Chipotle website and read about its standards and values. Does quick research to see if it is recently in the news for anything particular?

The interview is a two-way process. It's not about answering questions only, asking questions at the end to your interviewer related to the organization shows that you were fully engaged in the interview. Well dressed and make sure to reach your interview location on time. Then relax and don’t forget to smile. You’ve got this!

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