Bpo Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Mar 11, 2022
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Bpo Interview Questions

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is a modern day business practice in which an organization hires a specialized team with a specific task that the hiring side requires for a successful business operation. Outsourced business practices are mostly non-primary business activities. Organizations opt BPO, especially for two prime reasons. The first one is that it’s a decidedly less expensive option compared to in-house work and the second reason is to improvise the existing service to a higher level. BPO service providers usually have service level agreements with their clients which ensure optimum service quality on which basis they will be paid. This provides both quick turnaround time and quality work for enterprises. This information and the information that we are offering through BPO Interview Questions and Answers we are mentioning below will help you get enough of the knowledge about BPO.

There are three types of BPO services depending on the service provider’s location.

  • Offshore Outsourcing: Here an organization contracts to a foreign company to acquire services.
  • Nearshore Outsourcing: In this scenario, organization contracts service providers in neighboring countries.
  • Onshore Outsourcing: Here an organization contracts with a company in the same country as the hiring organization.

Most Frequently Asked Bpo Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Bpo Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. What is the place of BPO in the current market?

Today, many companies failed to survive the market competition due to either the economic crisis or other business reasons. The rapidly increasing and improving the BPO sector has helped to reduce the unemployment marginally in most of the developed and highly populated countries.

Q2. What do you see yourself doing after five years?

Here the answer can vary according to the candidates’ position. But, the most appropriate response will be “I desire to cover up a responsible position where my organization will count me as a valuable asset for its operation, and at the same time grow with the company also.”

Q3. What role do you see yourself as a Team Player?

This is another BPO non voice interview questions and answers for freshers. Answer this one as an excellent basis. Specify that you will perform for the good of your team rather than for yourself. Stay away from the bragging and utilize the matter-of-fact tone as this is a crucial point for your selection.

Q4. Describe shortly what is BPO and how it works?

Business Process Outsourcing, shortly known as BPO is a process where an organization outsources its non-core business processes to another company where those will perform by the industry niche experts effectively in a quick period with affordable cost.

Q5. Are you comfortable working with night shifts?

This question may be a simple one but always answer this as YES if you want to pursue a career in this niche. All the majority of outsourcing work is mostly done with the different country timeline, so the chances are high that you may drop in a night shift job from the very beginning. It also shows the willingness of the candidate towards the job.

Q6. Explain the difference between offshore and nearshore outsourcing.

When a project allotted to an organization with a base of operation outside a country that is not nearby is called offshore outsourcing, whereas in nearshore outsourcing the project is granted to a neighboring country to be completed.

The difference you must remember: Get ready to be answerable to this question. This is a favorite bpo interview questions with answers of many interviewers. Don’t let this question waste the opportunity. Read it twice.

Q7. Explain inbound and outbound call centers.

In an inbound call center, mostly the calls for various complain departments are received and assisted with appropriate supports, whereas the outbound department will place a call which primarily supports the service department.

Q8. Explain back office and front office outsourcing.

In the back office outsourcing, an organization outsources an internal process of its operation. For example, outsourcing your finance operations will be counted as a back office outsourcing. Compared to this, the front office outsourcing involves call and customer handling related processes.

Q9. Differentiate between KPO and LPO.

KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing is a process where BPO’s handle high analytical, technical and subject-oriented processes. Outsourcing your software development will be marked as a KPO process. Whereas, Legal Process Outsourcing or LPO process a company outsources all its legal works to another legal firm to be performed.

Q10. BPOs and call centers, are these two the same?

Not. BPO is the first circle which includes back office and front office outsourcing. Call center operations are a part of BPO’s front office outsourcing. BPOs can handle various business processing units; from software development to HR services and finance also.

Furthermore, BPOs are extremely helpful in creating significant and continuous opportunities globally. We will further top BPO interview questions for your acknowledgment. They adopt projects in which they are specialized, offering their clients a pipeline of guaranteed growth, profit and success.

  • Enhanced efficiency and speed with business processes.
  • Superior competitive advantage and enhanced engagement with value chains.
  • Increased organizational growth and fewer asset expenditures.
  • Zero investment in unrelated primary business strategy assets.

There are numerous BPO interview questions and answers for freshers as well as experienced available online, which may confuse BPO aspiring candidates what to follow and what not to. Here we have collected a list of most employer asked BPO interview questions for you to follow, ensuring guaranteed success in this niche. So, let’s start with them.

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