Android Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Dec 31, 2021
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Android Interview Questions

Android is a most popular mobile operating system which is not only used in mobile phone but on TV, cars, and smartwatches as well. Speaking of mobile phones, the primary function of android is to give the command to mobile applications to do the task. It’s like if you want to dial a number than android indicates Mobile to dial it. These Android Interview Questions are specially curated highly experienced industry professionals to help candidates in their future job success.

Advantages of Android

  • Multitasking is one of the main benefits of Android. You could listen to songs along with an Internet browsering on Android.
  • Access to hundreds of thousands of applications. You want to learn cooking, find the cooking app and start your learning.
  • An android user has many options for phones, and it's branding, which is available in the different price range. So, there is a variety of choices with Android.

Most Frequently Asked Android Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Android Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q51. Explain the Android Application Architecture?

It has following application components architecture.

  • Services
  • Intent
  • Resource Externalization
  • Notification
  • Content Providers
Q52. What do you mean by adb?

Adb stands for Android Debug Bridge. It helps developers the power to execute remote shell commands. It's basic function is to allow and control communication towards and from the emulator port.

Q53. What do you mean AIDL?
AIDL stands for Android Interface Definition Language. It handles the interface requirements between a client and a service so both can communicate at the same level through interprocess communication.
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