Because I am interested in this field or this job pays well, won’t work here. It is the right opportunity to shine and talk about your passion and skills that make you a great UX designer they must hire-

  • Problem-Solving Skills: I love to resolve issues by finding new and creative ways.
  • Empathetic: I am naturally empathetic and can easily understand customers’ behavior by providing a unique solution to their problems.
  • Time-Management Skills: I strictly follow the timelines given by the clients.
  • Curiosity: I am always eager to learn new tips, try to stay updated with new technologies, and take follow up on the negative behavior of customers.

Apart from these soft skills, you could also talk about some of the hard skills that make you a great UX designer like storyboarding, wireframing, visualization, etc.

BY Best Interview Question ON 28 Jun 2022