Both communications are a way of exchanging ideas, feelings, messages, thoughts, information, and opinions and have their own pluses and minuses. It totally depends upon the situation that one should opt which medium of communication.

Let’s look at some of the important differences between these two

Verbal Communication Written Communication
It's also known as oral communication where the idea or opinions are transmitted through verbal or spoken words. Written communication is a type of communication where users use printed or written format to send a message.
Transmission of the message is fast in this type of communication Transmission of the message is slow
One of the disadvantages of this type of communication is there is no proof or record. As this is in written form, proof or record is always there.
There are high chances of misunderstanding in verbal communication In written communication, there is low or no chance of misunderstandings.
If you are talking verbally one can get immediate feedback. In written communication feedback takes time sometimes.
Medium of communication could be face-to-face talk, seminar, group discussion, interviews, conference, etc. Letter, mails, messages, reports, journals, notes could be mediums of this type of communication.
BY Best Interview Question ON 29 Sep 2022