A communication breakdown happens every day in business but what’s important is it should be resolved at the earliest.

Here are some ways to deal with communication breakdown

  • Accept your mistakes- Blame shifting makes things worse. If you were wrong and communicated poorly, own it and let everyone know as it does wonders in resolving communication breakdowns.
  • Focus on Unity- Whatever you do make sure people are coming together and there is no gap between them as communication breakdowns divide and destroy. If everyone in the room gets involved, results will come out better.
  • Win people, not arguments- People who are blamed for communication breakdown let me tell you beating them should not be your goal instead winning them is. If you are trying to win the argument to prove a person is wrong you just lose him.
  • Keep patience- Communication breakdowns are very frustrating and winning over them is hard. Without patience, it will only get worse and create a huge mess.
BY Best Interview Question ON 29 Sep 2022