PaaS or Cloud Platform Service is the short form of Platform As A Service is a framework used to customize and develop applications. It is a framework that is the most preferred by developers because it provides cloud components to the software. When users start developing applications, there come various logistics issues that are taken care of by the cloud-based platform. Testing of application and development along with deployment has become very easy, quick as well as cost-effective. Many software components are inbuilt in PaaS which helps to effectively create personalized applications. It also assists in managing computing infrastructure.

IaaS is Infrastructure as a Service. It is considered a self-service model that is built to provide Cloud Infrastructure Services to businesses. The main motive of such services is to access, monitor, and manage the remote data center infrastructures. The main functionalities related to infrastructure such as effective firewalls, storage, networking, etc are made easy with IaaS. All the details revolving around servers, networking, virtualization, and storage are handled with care.

SaaS is Software As A Service that forms the largest cloud market. It is a cloud application service that is growing at a fast rate. SaaS is an effective service that makes it possible for the end-user to use the services via the web. Also, it interacts with the customers with the help of an interface. In simple words, when you are seeing that most of the applications on the internet are accessible through a web browser, you are using SaaS indirectly. All thanks to the technology that we are using such wonderful applications sitting at home. Most importantly, SaaS has been able to contribute to collaboration, email, and health care, etc.

BY Best Interview Question ON 27 Jul 2021