Components are fundamentally a sub-sections of a project. Elements are used to put together the issues logically inside a project into smaller parts. When a user creates a project at time user can also create components like UI, DB, Server, Bug. As a result, it becomes convenient to trace the issues.

The component can be created by the following steps:-
  • Step 1:- First login into JIRA as a project administrator.
  • Step 2:-Choose Settings > Projects > and then click on the name of a project. The Project Summary page will come on the screen
  • Step 3:-Choose the Components which is there on the left sidebar. The Components page will appear which will show the existing components of the project.
  • Step 4:-To create a new component in the project type the component name and click on the add button. The new Component will add in the list. It is better to add the information in other fields Lead:- to assign a lead, Description:-function of the component and the default assignee.
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