What should full stack developer know?

A full stack developer should know:-

  • Programming languages:

           Must be proficient in multiple languages, including PHP, Java, C #,

           Ruby, Perl, Python, etc. Must   be familiar with different ways to

           structure,design, implement and test the project based on languages.

  • Frameworks:

          Must know the words that are accompanied by development

          frameworks, such as Spring, JAVA, MyBatis, Python Django,

          PHP think  PHP, Hibernate, nodeJs express, yin, etc.

  • Front-end:

          Must master necessary front-end technologies such as CSS3

          HTML5, and JavaScript. Additional study of third-party libraries

          such as JQuery, SASS, LESS, AngularJS, or REACT is also required.

  • Databases:

          Knowledge of at least one database is expected. Currently, the popular

          databases are MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, SQLServer and Redis.

  • Design ability:

          Basic knowledge of the principle of prototype design, UI and UX design is needed.

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