The commercial bank includes short-term loans to small business and individuals, withdrawals and deposit of money, savings accounts, home mortgages. The money that the customer deposits in the bank is utilized by the bank to give a business loan, personal loan, mortgages and home repair loans.

Types of Commercial Banking
  • Retail or consumer banking
    Retail Banking service is provided by the bank for the general public and for the small businesses.
  • Corporate or business banking
    Business banking is the service which is provided by the bank for the large-sized and middle-sized businesses.
  • Securities and Investment banking
    Investment Banking does the financial transactions or creates capital, assist in mergers and acquisitions on behalf of the corporations, individuals and governments.
  • Non-traditional options
    There are various non-bank entities which offer financial services precisely like what the bank provides. The non-bank entities are credit card companies, credit card report agencies, etc.

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