Your strengths should fall in these categories, pick two or three and elaborate it with real-life examples: Team player, Workaholic, Creativity, Multitasking, Good communication skills, Good social skills, Honesty, Dedication, Problem solver, Initiative taker, Good writer, Respect for all, etc. Never say you don't have any weaknesses. This will display amateur and arrogant behavior. Everybody has weaknesses but it's important to display them in such a way that should not hinder your selection.

Some examples:

  • Single tasker (Finish one task at a time. Greater or smaller doesn't matter to you. You just put all your focus on it and don't settle until it's done.)
  • Introvert (Keep on hustling on your own),
  • Self-criticism (Blame yourself and improve),
  • Multitasker (Take too much on my plate but I get it done, always),
  • Sensitive (Can say no attitude), etc.
BY Best Interview Question ON 05 Apr 2021