It’s time to show your research and analysis skills to the interviewer and how you implement them into your projects.

1. Behavioral Research

This research pattern allows you to understand what people do by checking their behavioral patterns and is used in the early phases of research. E.g.- A/B Testing, Field Observations.

2. Attitudinal Research

This research can be achieved by communicating with users, listening to their concerns, and asking them questions to know about their opinions. E.g.- Surveys, User Interviews.

3. Quantitative Research

If your project requires research about numbers and metrics or about statistically significant answers, this research method can be used.

4. Qualitative Research

When you want to add more detail to the existing research, to understand a scenario provided by the user, or to answer why and how to fix an issue, this research can be used.

BY Best Interview Question ON 06 Jul 2022