• New Date Range Picker- By mat-date-range-input and mat-date-range-picker components you can use this new feature of Angular10.
  • New Default Browser Configuration- In Angular 10 many by default browsers are excluded because of disabling ES5 build in new projects.
  • Keeping up to date with Ecosystem- Some updates like Typescript, TSlib, and TSlint are introduced to keep it updated with the Javascript ecosystem.
  • Warning about commonJS imports- In angular 10 when you will use any dependency that is related to commonJS a warning message will come.
  • Removals- Some of the removals also happen in Angular 10 like it no longer includes ESM5 and FESM5 bundles, old browsers like IE 9 and 10, Typescript 3.6 and 3.7.
  • Bug Fixes and Resolved Issues- Many bugs related to Router, Core, Modules, Compilers, Service Workers got fixed in this version.
BY Best Interview Question ON 22 Sep 2021