This question helps the interviewer to understand the applicant’s knowledge, qualification, and experience related to the position.

It should be answered and concisely with minimal elaboration.

Example: - " A lesson plan is meant to a detailed explanation about the subject or topic that is going to be taught. Although each instructor's lesson plan is unique, most include an introduction, teaching period, and conclusion. A successful lesson plan should assist the teacher in presenting material to students concisely and effectively."

Elements of an effective lesson plan

  • Replanning: - One should prepare several questions before creating the lesson plans, including "What Pare the objectives for the lesson?" "What content needs to be covered? " "What are all the things that students are already aware of?" and "What all study materials are going to be required to teach them the lesson?
  • Introduction: - At the beginning of a lesson, teachers can state their objectives and introduce the subject to the students by outlining the plan for the day. After that, they can explain the purpose and tell students what they will accomplish at the end of the lesson.
  • Development is when the teacher uses her instructional methods to teach the lesson; she may use lectures, labs, and discussions or invite collaborative student participation.
  • Conclusion: - At the end of the lesson, which could last up to several class periods, the teacher can summarize all of the information that was just covered and restate the objective. Assigning homework to students is one way for teachers to monitor their progress.
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