What are the difference between laravel 4 and 5?

There are sizable differences between laravel 4 and laravel 5 concerning LTS, features, file structures, etc.

Laravel four used to be the one who delivered large reputation to the Laravel framework, however this version no longer up to date anymore, and it also lacks a lot of functions released in Laravel 5.

  • Laravel 4 released May 2013 however Laravel 5 released in February 2015.
  • Laravel 5 has LTS Supports. It capability the LTS version stands for Long Term Support. It implies that bugfixes for that model will be provided for two years, till the next LTS version.
  • A new listing app/Providers replaces the app/start archives from preceding versions of Laravel 4.x.
  • Laravel 5 offers a Socialite bundle which is an optional, Laravel 5.0+ well matched package that provides painless authentication with OAuth providers.
  • The favored dd helper function, which dumps variable debug information, has been upgraded to use the incredible Symfony VarDumper.

In distinction to Laravel four to 5 version differences, which is huge, 5.x and 5.y variations are now not that different. Some features added, some updated/removed in laravel 5, but the core structure stays the same.

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