For smooth working and seamless working experience it is advisable to follow some practices that make API Testing more successful-

  • Don’t Repeat Yourself: Avoid repeating the code, in case some tests need the same components and actions it’s better to create a common library.
  • Clarity: Write test cases clearly so that they can be easily debugged. Clear test cases which are running successfully hardly require any attention or time.
  • Mapping and Execution: Design the test in such a way that it can execute in any working environment
  • Utilization of complete API Testing Tool: An all-inclusive API testing tool by your side is very important as it provides features like creating multi-step testing scenarios, effortless testing, tracking API performance, and automated API documentation, etc.
  • Monitor Security Checks: It is a must to design API security test cases for any security breach or flaws.
  • Tackle Negative Testing: Apart from monitoring positive responses one should also opt for negative test results as this process helps in mapping the performance while dealing with issues.
BY Best Interview Question ON 18 Dec 2021