Utility Track Vehicle

UTV full form represents the UTILITY TRACK VEHICLE. When track renewal or similar work is finished, many materials like sleepers, rails, and other similar items are left behind at the site. It's best to get rid of any extra or unused materials as soon as possible. An autonomous vehicle equipped with a crane

  • You will need access to some pretty impressive facilities to complete this task. The ideal piece of machinery would be self-propelled and able to pull one fully loaded waggon with a gross load of 90 MT (air braked) attached to it so that rails and sleepers could be retrieved via crane.
  • The technical performance and quality requirements of the machine, hereafter referred to as the UTILITY TRACK VEHICLE (UTV) Machine, are reflected in this specification. The technical specifications have been written without favoritism toward any one UTV manufacturer to accurately reflect the market's needs.
  • The diesel-powered self-propelled UTV must be sturdy, of the most recent design, reliable, and suitable for use on the Broad Gauge of the Indian Railways (1676 mm gauge). The specifics of the machine's layout and proportions
  • Materials must be manufactured to metric specifications and conform to the provisions of the Indian Railways Schedule of Dimensions-1676 mm gauge (BG), revised 2004, with the latest corrigendum and up-to-date correction slips issued. The UTV's quality control measures must adhere to ISO-9001 standards.
  • Another equivalent standard for welding Railway vehicles and components should be used during the manufacturing process of the machine to ensure that it is safe and secure. As mentioned earlier, the welding requires that the manufacturer attests that their product complies with said standard.
  • The Turnout broad gauge (1676 mm) of the Indian Railways must be compatible with the UTV, as well as straight, transition, and curved track (up to 10°).
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