Railway Protection Force

The RPF fully shows the railway protection force, one of India's security forces. It protects the property and passengers of Indian Railways. It is the only CAPF with powers like state police. Superior officers are hired through the Civil Service Exam. Exams held by the Railway Protection Force are used to hire subordinate officers. The article discusses its functions, income, and career prospects.

Roles and responsibilities of the RPF

The RPF and GRP maintain passenger and property safety on Indian Railways. The force's roles are:

  • Arrest and prosecute thieves, vandals, and rail thieves.
  • Passenger rail security in risky places.
  • Providing access control to railways, general security, and passenger regulation.
  • Smooth train and passenger traffic by reducing impediments.
  • Upkeep of RPF Security System.
  • Preventing women and children from being trafficked and helping needy individuals on railway property.

Powers of the RPF

RPF full form represents the railway protection force in the railway department. These powers are given to the police to help them do their jobs: Power to investigate, prosecute, and arrest those who violate the 1890 Railways Act. Ability to remove unauthorized buildings and encroachments that impede train transport or passengers. Power to employ non-lethal and lethal force according to the scenario.

Grade and salary of RPF

The RPF is led by a Director-General IPS officer. DG is helped by UPSC-selected officers. Payscale and seniority list of RPF:

Grade of RPF Designation of RPF Basic Pay
Director General Director General 225000
Additional Director General Additional Director General 205400
Inspector General Principal of the Chief Security Commissioner 144200
Deputy Inspector General
  • Director of RPF Academy
  • Chief Security Commissioner
Senior Commandant
  • Deputy Chief Security Commissioner
  • Senior Divisional Security Commissioner
  • Divisional Security Commissioner
  • Commanding Officer
  • Staff Officer
  • Security Commissioner
Assistant Commandant Assistant Security Commissioner 56100

The 7th pay commission modified the RPF salary structure. Officers receive numerous benefits based on rank, including:

  • Accommodations
  • Free first-class rail passes for self and family up to six times a year
  • All-class Security Guard train passes.
  • The housing type and other amenities depend on the RPF officer's seniority.
  • Deputized officers receive facilities according to their organizations' criteria.

The RPF maintains, operates, and guards the railway department and its operation.

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