Remote Location Waiting List

RLWL full form shows the Remote Location Waiting List in the railway. It's a form of waiting list ticket. Most trains have distant stations where they pick up extra passengers en route. Each railway can have several allocated seats for these places. However, seats are limited.

A scenario of the RLWL

RLWL full form shows Remote Location Waiting List for the ticket. The following steps show the scenario RLWL.

  • If you ordered a ticket from B point to C point on a train that travels from point A to D through B and C.
  • If there are no open seats to the confirmation of the ticket, then it will be dependent on the cancellation of a booked traveler from point B to C.
  • In this case, you must verify the status of the booking online before boarding the train.
  • A final chart is set - up for the 2 - 3 hours before the train departs.
  • Chances of obtaining an RLWL ticket confirmed are slim because there are few compared to other destination tickets.

RLWL Chances

Priority is given to RLWL ticketholders. The outlying stations produce different chart hours just before the train arrives. RLWL ticket holders only get a confirmed ticket if a final ticket holder cancels.

On the IRCTC website, you may see the confirmation likelihood of your ticket when booking it. For additional info, download the IRCTC mobile application.

FAQ of the RLWL

1. Will RLWL 4 be confirmed?

The TTE will charge without a ticket if your RLWL e-Ticket is not confirmed after chart preparation and passenger transit. It's automatically canceled during chart preparation and refunded within 3-7 days.

2. Will RLWL 7 be confirmed?

No, you can't board with an RLWL ticket. Once the chart is generated, all IRCTC waiting list tickets will be instantly canceled and refunded.

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