I would like to say that not everyone is suited to be a pilot. While obtaining a private pilot’s license allows individuals to fly their own planes, flying a commercial aircraft demands much more. In my opinion, the most crucial attribute for a professional airline pilot is a genuine passion for aviation – a deep desire to be a pilot. Without a passion fueling us, it is difficult to achieve success in this field.

An airline pilot should also have excellent communication skills, and should be able to clearly express themselves, whether they are communicating with Air Traffic Control, their passengers, or their co-pilots. I believe that the key to a pilot’s successful takeoff, flight and landing lies in clear and effective communication.

Another must-have quality of a professional airline pilot is their decision making skills. A pilot is required to harness their ability to make split-second decisions if something out-of-the-ordinary ever happens. Decision making skills are usually supported by quick thinking abilities that enhance decision making in case of an emergency scenario.

Other important qualities of a professional airline pilot include having good grit, i.e. the ability to persevere and work under pressure, respect for the craft of flying, attention to the details, problem solving skills and situational awareness.

BY Best Interview Question ON 20 Sep 2023