Every customer is a boss, and you can’t take the risk to lose any of them.

  • First come, first serve When you have no option it is the best way to inquire them in the order, they came to you.
  • Let them tell their urgency level They know their product more than you so let them determine the urgency level.
  • Create categories for different requests Allow them to categorize their request by marking them as “general requests”, “troubleshooting”, “returns”, “product failure”, etc. according to the products.
  • Respond Quickly Whether it is a low priority request or a high one, respond quickly that their request is under process and will be resolved in due time.
  • Manage your assigning process Take the help of support operations to automatically assign the tasks to the respective person instead of customer support first and then manually transferred them to the people.
BY Best Interview Question ON 02 Aug 2022